Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Fox Kits

We went out for a walk early yesterday morning as it was one of those mornings where the air was crisp and cool and just begged you to go out in it to breathe it in and welcome the day. We set out to wander through a local cemetery as it's one of the places that we enjoy walking. Earl grabbed my arm and told me to stand still....

As I glanced to where he was pointing I could see this brown ball of fur roll off of a stone step and onto the grown. I honestly thought he was a cat at first, but as he stood back up I caught my breath when I realized he was a fox! He trotted across the step as foxes to to go nose to nose with a second fox that was just out of my sight. We stood there silently and watched while they rolled around playfully biting each other and playing on top of the steps. They were really incredible to watch. It was at this point that we realized that they were actually kits.

They saw us a couple of times but we held so still they just continued to play and other than shooting us the occasional casual curious glance they really seemed to not mind that we were there. :))) You can see two of them in the picture above checking us out from behind the rock. Aren't they cute? :))

They moved back as they were playing to another monument that had a lot of areas that we could climb on and we slowly crept forward when they weren't looking to try to get a closer look without disturbing them. It was at this point that a third fox joined the mix. :)))) This fox was extra curious. His eyes locked with mine almost immediately and it became a bit of a game as he ducked behind one bush after the other poking his head out and looking at me curiously after each one as if he was trying to get a better look. :))))

They eventually went over this hill that was at the back of the cemetery and after several minutes of not seeing them we walked forward to the edge and looked down. They were playing in the woods on the side of the hill. After a bit more time 2 of them made their way into what we figured out was their den. :))) The last one, the one that had been playing in the bushes, looked up at us and then picked something up, strutting in a line in front of us over to the den. He then sat down, and tucked his tail around himself as foxes do, and looked up at us with a black squirrel hanging from his mouth as if to show us what he had caught. He flipped it around a bit appearing to show off as he kept glancing at us and then finally took it down into the den as well. They let us watch them for such a long time! It was so amazing to watch them in their own element and I loved how curious they were about us.

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What Do You Need to Know For the Month of June?

Merry Meet :))))

I hope this message finds all of you doing well. We just came off of a long Memorial day weekend here in the states that I hope some of you were able to enjoy the time off. I actually took the weekend off! I spent some time on the East side of Massachusetts exploring Rockport and Gloucester. My favorite spot was this state fishing pier that we found in Rockport. We sat there on a couple of the days for a long amount of time. :))) I also really loved this old paint factory in Gloucester where we sat for a long time watching the birds and the boats going by. :)) The picture below is of another place that we explored. Let's see how many of you recognize it ;) Please note the boat parked in front called the Meow Meow. :)) I thought that was so cute! :))

Can you believe we are starting June in a couple of days? This year has just been flying by! :))) I'm starting the Tarot Forecasts tomorrow for the month of June. These are a great reading to get especially if you are the type of person who loves reading horoscopes. They are a bit like that in that they give you an idea of what is coming up in the month of June. :))) There's a card for each week and advice from your guides on how to handle the month. It's definitely an awesome reading to get each month. :)) I hope to connect with you for a reading over the next couple of days. :)))

Have an amazingly magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Friday, May 19, 2017

Creativity to Enhance Your Magickal Path

**original artwork by Zardo**

Merry Meet :))))) One of the things that I've found that enhances my magickal path is time to be creative. When you are creative it gives you time to connect with your true self and your guides. Think about the last time you spent an afternoon doing something creative like writing, painting, sculpting, coloring, singing or anything else you can think of that you love that's creative. Can you remember how you felt afterward?

Expressing yourself creatively has so many benefits. It's naturally grounding so you will find that after you spend this time you will feel more grounded and centered which is always important.

It gives you an outlet for everything that you feel in your life. As empaths this is especially important as it's not uncommon that we take on more emotions than we should.

It gives you a chance to rest your mind and soul. When you are creative it gives your true self a chance to wander free a bit. :))) Watch where you go, you may find that you reveal things about yourself when you give yourself permission to be creative.

It will nourish your soul. If things are seeming too complicated take an hour and pull up a chair with some of your favorite markers or pencils and a coloring book. You will feel so much more refreshed when you are done. :)))

It gives your guides a chance to communicate. When you are being creative your mind is open and you are receptive to energy around you. This makes it so that you are more open to information from your guides. If you have trouble with meditation this can be a very helpful way to start! :)))

It's time to get creative :)) What are you going to do?

Have an amazingly magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Amulets and Talismans

Amulets & Talismans

Merry Meet :)))) Recently I had a question about Amulet's & Talismans asking me what the difference was between the two of them and how do we use them? I thought it was a really excellent question, and wanted to go into it a bit with all of you today. :)))))

So let's start with Amulets. :))) One of the biggest differences between Amulets and Talismans is the material that they are made of. Amulets are typically things that you find in nature, and make them into something wearable, think stones, sticks, etc. I was taught that amulets are used for protection. I have noticed some other traditions using them for other purposes, to attract luck etc. However, generally when I see them used for this purpose, I've noticed that protection is still a metaphysical property associated with what they are using.

Let's look at a Hag Stone for example. A Hag Stone is a stone that you find that has a naturally occurring hole in the center of it. Many times if we find one of these we will find some way to string it and wear it about our neck as an Amulet. Now a Hag Stone can be used for new beginnings, luck, etc. However, it's also known for it's protection properties.

So basically the object that you are to use you would find out the properties associated with it before you use it and then cleanse and consecrate it as yours. You also will need to make it wearable. When doing this you want to try to use natural products if you can. Try to use things like hemp cord or anything else you can think of that's natural and won't interfere with the energy on the object. If you are working with a type of wood you can carve it if you wish, or even use natural paints to infuse it with additional magick. :))))

On to Talismans. :))) Talismans are typically a combination of one or more items, specifically put together to draw a particular type of energy to you. This is where your metals etc come in. Even if you use a crystal which is found in nature, if you are wrapping it with wire or another type of metal, this will make it into a talisman, as you've now combined a natural item with something man made. :)))

A typical talisman that you will see is an inscribed metal disc that is on a chain, and may be decorated with stones etc to draw the type of energy you want. These not only need to be cleansed and consecrated, but you also need to charge these with your intent. For those of you that where pentagrams around your neck, that's a great example of a Talisman :))))

I hope this helps!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ready For An Intuitive Spa Day?

Ready for an Intuitive Spa Day?

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Take some time to pamper yourself with an intuitive spa day with this reading that I've designed to relax your senses.

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- Bonus - Incense and Gemstone recommendation based upon what I see.

Have an amazingly magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Monday, May 15, 2017

Raising a Magickal Child

**graphic by Lady Scorpion**

Raising A Magickal Child

Merry Meet :)))) A question I get frequently is how I am raising my children being that I am Wiccan. I have chosen to raise my children around magick, and allow them to choose their religion when they get older. Some of you may know that my children are highly sensitive, my son is an empath with the gift of sight as well. However I feel this system would benefit most children regardless of sensitivities and religious preferences. :)))) Quite simply I teach them to see the world as magickal. So I have a few ideas that I wanted to pass along to you that I do with my children. :)))

1. Acknowledge the fairy tales. Most children love reading books. Many of them have mystical and magickal creatures and legends. I'm not sure about most of you but I was taught very young how they don't exist. Yet here I am at 36 building gardens for fairies, and studying cave drawings of unicorns on walls. Am I saying to validate every fairy tale enthusiastically? No, but validate the ones that you can or at least leave it open.

2. Encourage the bond with nature. Get them outside in nature as much as possible and start teaching them about the things they see when they are there.

3. Rocks and Gemstones. Go out on walks and collect rocks! See if you can identify them together. Then have them hold them, and ask them to describe them. I've been surprise when my son will use adjectives like happy to describe rocks. You may be surprised what you can learn from them.

4. Color Magick. Teach them about colors and their various meanings. You can show them that wearing blue on a certain day can help them feel calm, or drawing a picture of a bright yellow sun can increase their energy.

5. Trees. When you go out in nature, start learning what all the different trees are and have them help you identify them. My daughter actually taught me how to find Sassafras root. My children have a healthy appreciation for all trees now and will marvel at how old the trees are. They also look at the bark for patterns to see if there is anything unusual (or mystical) there. :))) They love finding birch trees to collect the bark to draw on later, and nibble on the branches as we walk for the minty taste.

6. Herbs. Most children absolutely love gardening. Have your children help you with yours. Teach them how to grow herbs from seeds and how to identify them. You can then start teaching them basic uses dependent upon their age. My son knows that he can pick mint leaves to put in his water during the summer. It's not uncommon to see my daughter walk by with a sprig of lavender held up to her nose. They also both enjoy making their own tea. Several herbal teas are actually wonderful for them to drink.

7. Water. My children love water. My son doesn't like swimming much but he still has a strong appreciation for rivers, oceans and streams. I use meditations with them to help them sleep that involve cleansing in water. I talk about a beautiful lake that when you swim in it, it takes away anything negative and protects them.

8. Animals. Pretty much every child loves animals. Most children try to communicate with them. How many of you encourage that? Animals are very sensitive and therapeutic. Encourage the connection with the animals around them. Teach them to be kind by doing things like feeding the birds, and recycling leftovers from dinner for the wild animals if you can.

9. Astrology. I have a fabulous app on my iPhone that helps identify constellations in the sky. We love going out in the summer when it's warm and trying to find these in the sky.

10. The Moon. My children love the Moon. They say goodnight to her each night when they can. (sometimes in the summer it gets too late! ) They also can identify basic moon phases.

11. The Fae. My daughter absolutely loves fairies. We have fairy gardens outside. She knows that if her room isn't clean the fairies won't come by to play as they don't like messes. ;)

This is just a starter list. There are so many things you can do. Coloring mandalas, introducing mythology and tales of the different deities, teaching them to heal their own boo-boo's with energy, the list literally can go on and on. As a Mom I take a look at everything I do and decide if it can be incorporated in some way. I then teach them at what I feel is an age appropriate level for them. My daughter has been asking me to teach her magick for a long time. I've explained to her that I am. :)))) She actually just got her first tarot deck for Christmas. It was a children's one, and it came with a pendulum. :))))) She views it as I use to view my Magic 8 ball at her age. I know it's just another stepping stone for her on her path. I hope this helps!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Full Flower Moon Blessings! - Full Flower Moon Magickal Moon Spray

***original graphic by EsterPuche Art**

Full Flower Moon Magickal Moon Spray

Join us on Moonsong Daily Magick for the complete Full Moon Issue!

What You Need
- Spray Bottle
- blessed water
- Bay leaf

Essential Oils
- Rosemary
- Nutmeg
- Orange
- Patchouli

So tonight I wanted to create something magickal with you that you can use during your energy work below and keep with you all month to help you along the way.

For this recipe you will need to get the essential oils above. If you can secure pharmaceutical grades that is the best.

For the blessed water just cleanse it with white sage before you make your spray. To do that just light the white sage and say "only energy that is for my greater good may remain." It's a good idea to go over the spray bottle that you choose as well.

I thought about using a specific size bottle but I thought that may be tough to get that specific. So you may choose any size bottle you wish. I typically work 4 ounce bottles. If you can get a bottle that is a color besides clear that is better as well. It helps to preserve the energy that you put into the bottle. I love blue ones. :))))

Add the water to the bottle first.

You then want to add the Bay Leaf to the water.

From there you will work with the essential oils above. Add them in increments of three until you reach your desired scent. So do three drops of each one and then keep going around until you get it to where it is pleasing for your nose.

Once you are done you can use this spray in your ritual tonight. Ask the Goddess to Bless it before your use. Then you may spray it on yourself before you start the ritual I've included in the Full Moon issue of Moonsong Daily magick.

Keep it up to one month with you. At the end of that time return the water to the Earth.

Have a Blessed Full Moon!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dreams Before Readings

**original graphic by RankaStevic**

Merry Meet :)) Last night as I began to fall asleep, I had a very vivid dream. I was part of a community of people that lived in some sort of city and they had fallen upon very hard times. Most of us were bare foot, our clothes were very grubby and some of our clothes were tattered and torn, very worn with time. I'm not sure of the time frame that went along with this but I would venture to say early 1900's perhaps it was during the depression. There was this woman who was there though and she was constantly bringing bread to everyone as we were extremely hungry. Right before I drifted into that sound sleep my guides woke me a bit and told me that it was important that I remembered this dream and told me of a specific reading to do in the morning.

When I woke up this morning I had no immediate memory of the dream or message. I put up a morning post, sifted through some emails and had breakfast. When I went to settle in to work on tarot I started to pull up a reading for a different client to do first and I was completely disrupted. The first card I pulled I just knew was not for the client I was trying to read for. That's not the first time that has happened. My guides sometimes have their own agenda and I'm always happy when I learn what it is as those readings are usually the ones that I get a response from whomever I am reading for. :))))

In this case though this was the first card...

Then it hit me... the dream from the night before... It took me a moment to pull it back but I remembered it and remembered what I was suppose to do. This was a past life memory that was actually for a Spirit Guide reading. This guide had worked with this client over several lives and this memory helped to explain some things that might be going on with her and helped identify the guide for her. :))))

Pretty neat how that worked huh? I always find it amazing how they send me messages. It's not the first time that I've received messages in dreams the night before for someone and I'm quite sure it won't be the last. I've also had them happen and then had the person they were for order a reading the next day. It's really amazing to me. :))))) I don't know if I will ever not be amazed by how they work with me. :))))

By sharing my stories though, I know a lot of you are working on psychic development and I hope these stories help you to see the various ways our guides can communicate with us. :)))

I hope you have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Friday, May 5, 2017

It's Time To Start A Garden!

It's Time To Start A Garden! :)))
Merry Meet :))  It's finally Spring here in Massachusetts and time to get the garden going. :))) I'm so excited to have my gardens back.

Yesterday was opening day at this farm one town over from me.  It's actually the first time I've ever been there on opening day.  I was a bit anxious to get started this year! :)  I go to the same farm every year to get baby plants as they have amazing prices and a wonderful variety.  Everyone knows it too! You have to go on a weekday as on the weekends they actually have to hire a cop to help with the traffic it gets so ridiculously busy there.

I got soooooo many herbs! You can see them in the picture above.  The picture really doesn't do it justice lol.  There are 18 basil plants alone just to give you an idea.  I got lemon verbena, marjoram, thyme, chocolate mint, spearmint, oregano, lavender, sage, rosemary and so many others.  Enough that I'm actually increasing my herb garden to 4 times it's original size this year! I'll show you pictures when we get it all planted. :)))  We have another garden for veggies and we are expanding that one this year as well.  We have a mini strawberry and rhubarb garden and another mini garden last year that had corn but it will house varieties of lettuce this year. :))

Along with the great prices and variety this farm does an amazing job with atmosphere.  I took a bunch of pictures to share with you when I was there as I know a lot of you will enjoy the little things that they've done.  The building above is on the premises.  They use it to house some of the equipment but they've done an amazing job making it look quaint and blending it in.

They've made the entire place look like a small village. :))  All the buildings are lines with beautiful examples of landscaping ideas.

I thought this outdoor canopy featuring the doves was beautiful. :)))

A creative and cozy place to take a bit of a rest. :)))

A fountain tucked into the corner before you go to check out.

Another incredibly creative fountain.  This one comes all the way down the wall and goes into a small pond that is like a mini river that runs the length of the building below.

They just did an amazing job. :)))

Off to help plant my herbs!

Have an amazingly magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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