Thursday, May 18, 2017

Amulets and Talismans

Amulets & Talismans

Merry Meet :)))) Recently I had a question about Amulet's & Talismans asking me what the difference was between the two of them and how do we use them? I thought it was a really excellent question, and wanted to go into it a bit with all of you today. :)))))

So let's start with Amulets. :))) One of the biggest differences between Amulets and Talismans is the material that they are made of. Amulets are typically things that you find in nature, and make them into something wearable, think stones, sticks, etc. I was taught that amulets are used for protection. I have noticed some other traditions using them for other purposes, to attract luck etc. However, generally when I see them used for this purpose, I've noticed that protection is still a metaphysical property associated with what they are using.

Let's look at a Hag Stone for example. A Hag Stone is a stone that you find that has a naturally occurring hole in the center of it. Many times if we find one of these we will find some way to string it and wear it about our neck as an Amulet. Now a Hag Stone can be used for new beginnings, luck, etc. However, it's also known for it's protection properties.

So basically the object that you are to use you would find out the properties associated with it before you use it and then cleanse and consecrate it as yours. You also will need to make it wearable. When doing this you want to try to use natural products if you can. Try to use things like hemp cord or anything else you can think of that's natural and won't interfere with the energy on the object. If you are working with a type of wood you can carve it if you wish, or even use natural paints to infuse it with additional magick. :))))

On to Talismans. :))) Talismans are typically a combination of one or more items, specifically put together to draw a particular type of energy to you. This is where your metals etc come in. Even if you use a crystal which is found in nature, if you are wrapping it with wire or another type of metal, this will make it into a talisman, as you've now combined a natural item with something man made. :)))

A typical talisman that you will see is an inscribed metal disc that is on a chain, and may be decorated with stones etc to draw the type of energy you want. These not only need to be cleansed and consecrated, but you also need to charge these with your intent. For those of you that where pentagrams around your neck, that's a great example of a Talisman :))))

I hope this helps!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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