Friday, May 19, 2017

Creativity to Enhance Your Magickal Path

**original artwork by Zardo**

Merry Meet :))))) One of the things that I've found that enhances my magickal path is time to be creative. When you are creative it gives you time to connect with your true self and your guides. Think about the last time you spent an afternoon doing something creative like writing, painting, sculpting, coloring, singing or anything else you can think of that you love that's creative. Can you remember how you felt afterward?

Expressing yourself creatively has so many benefits. It's naturally grounding so you will find that after you spend this time you will feel more grounded and centered which is always important.

It gives you an outlet for everything that you feel in your life. As empaths this is especially important as it's not uncommon that we take on more emotions than we should.

It gives you a chance to rest your mind and soul. When you are creative it gives your true self a chance to wander free a bit. :))) Watch where you go, you may find that you reveal things about yourself when you give yourself permission to be creative.

It will nourish your soul. If things are seeming too complicated take an hour and pull up a chair with some of your favorite markers or pencils and a coloring book. You will feel so much more refreshed when you are done. :)))

It gives your guides a chance to communicate. When you are being creative your mind is open and you are receptive to energy around you. This makes it so that you are more open to information from your guides. If you have trouble with meditation this can be a very helpful way to start! :)))

It's time to get creative :)) What are you going to do?

Have an amazingly magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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