Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Fox Kits

We went out for a walk early yesterday morning as it was one of those mornings where the air was crisp and cool and just begged you to go out in it to breathe it in and welcome the day. We set out to wander through a local cemetery as it's one of the places that we enjoy walking. Earl grabbed my arm and told me to stand still....

As I glanced to where he was pointing I could see this brown ball of fur roll off of a stone step and onto the grown. I honestly thought he was a cat at first, but as he stood back up I caught my breath when I realized he was a fox! He trotted across the step as foxes to to go nose to nose with a second fox that was just out of my sight. We stood there silently and watched while they rolled around playfully biting each other and playing on top of the steps. They were really incredible to watch. It was at this point that we realized that they were actually kits.

They saw us a couple of times but we held so still they just continued to play and other than shooting us the occasional casual curious glance they really seemed to not mind that we were there. :))) You can see two of them in the picture above checking us out from behind the rock. Aren't they cute? :))

They moved back as they were playing to another monument that had a lot of areas that we could climb on and we slowly crept forward when they weren't looking to try to get a closer look without disturbing them. It was at this point that a third fox joined the mix. :)))) This fox was extra curious. His eyes locked with mine almost immediately and it became a bit of a game as he ducked behind one bush after the other poking his head out and looking at me curiously after each one as if he was trying to get a better look. :))))

They eventually went over this hill that was at the back of the cemetery and after several minutes of not seeing them we walked forward to the edge and looked down. They were playing in the woods on the side of the hill. After a bit more time 2 of them made their way into what we figured out was their den. :))) The last one, the one that had been playing in the bushes, looked up at us and then picked something up, strutting in a line in front of us over to the den. He then sat down, and tucked his tail around himself as foxes do, and looked up at us with a black squirrel hanging from his mouth as if to show us what he had caught. He flipped it around a bit appearing to show off as he kept glancing at us and then finally took it down into the den as well. They let us watch them for such a long time! It was so amazing to watch them in their own element and I loved how curious they were about us.

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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