Monday, June 26, 2017

Waking Up Dragons

Waking Up Dragons

Merry Meet :)))) How many of you have been seeing lots of Dragons lately?  I am getting a flood of questions about Dragons, Owls, and Ravens. :)))) They seem to be the current totem animals working with many of us right now.

I got to work with the Dragon really closely in 2012. Wow! I can't believe it was that long ago!  That was the year I dubbed the year of the Dragon for myself for they truly were everywhere.  It was a few months after I took that giant leap to Wiccan Moonsong full time and really started a quest to find my voice and reach out and help others find theirs. :))))  It was really the year that my life had a complete overhaul. :))

Dragons bring us strength and courage. :)) As many of you are embarking on your new paths, it's not hard to see why they would be coming up everywhere for you. :)))) They stand behind you protective giving you the confidence to forge on and breath that fire of life called inspiration into us.  :))))

They also are amazing at balancing, a keyword many of you who have been working with me through tarot readings lately have been seeing come up. :)))))) Part of why I love doing tarot is seeing the patterns that are emerging for everyone and how they line up with things astrologically.  Part of the balance that they bring us though is to keep us thinking logical in our mundane day to day lives, but still giving us that touch of magick we need to keep hope and optimism alive and encourage us to take an active role in our destiny. :))))

For those of you who are seeing dragons around you lately pay particular note to the color of them. :)))) This is another reason why I love Dragons. :))))) Not only do they have amazing strengths to give you overall, but depending on their color, they can bring you other animal medicine as well. :)))))  The Dragon is a master of the elements. :))))

Fire Dragons tend to be red in color and correspond to the element of fire.  These dragons bring courage and strength.  They help us to overcome obstacles in our paths.  Call upon him for extra protection.

Air Dragons tend to be blue in color or other light pastel colors like pinks, and correspond to the element of air.   These dragons are dragons of intuition.  They will help you to trust that inner voice.  Call upon them when you need to see an issue clearly as they can bring clarity.  They also are very calming.  I will call upon a blue dragon to assist me in meditations.

Earth Dragons tend to be earthy colors, greens and browns and they correspond to the earth element.  He is wonderful to help you with grounding.  He will help you plant your feet into the mother earth and feel her energies surround you.  Call upon him to also help you find yourself and your potential.

Water Dragons tend to be various shades of blue and blue-greens, the colors of water, and they correspond to the water element.  This dragon will help you work through your memories and help you to heal.  Just as the water is naturally healing and calming so is this dragon.  He will help you to face your fears based upon issues in your past and heal them, as well as work with you on your wishes and hopes for the future.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

**original artwork by Blooming Rose Xeniia**

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