Thursday, July 27, 2017

I've Been Looking For You... The Great Kitten Rescue

It started a few weeks ago now... maybe it was because Earl's Mom's had kittens.. maybe it was because a friend of mine had just rescued a kitten... but I was dreaming about kittens and it was like I had bit by this bug.. I had to find a kitten. Notice that I used the word find... I was actually looking for a very specific kitty.

The one I saw was orange... but sometimes he was a tabby like my taters? Definitely a male. I was driving Earl nuts. I have been looking at the shelters and the ads pretty much everywhere. I had a feeling I would know him when I saw him? I saw a couple that looked close? I was even watching the sides of the roads every time I went out.. funny huh? I just knew I would find him. I'll be honest, Earl didn't want one lol  Not that he doesn't love cats he adores them, but we have kitties... and a dog and birds and a fish and mice ... I love animals and I especially love rescuing them. Still.. there was room for one more... this kitty... the one we found.

We were headed out on "date night" down the old country road that I live on towards the next town where they would be holding the fireworks. I saw something up ahead in the road moving.. it ran towards the woods on the side and as it ran I realized what it was. It's a kitten! We slowed down and as we did I got a good look at him. "It's an orange kitten!" I told Earl. He had been eating a squirrel that was in the middle of the road...

Earl stopped and said he was going to grab a shovel out of the trunk to flip the squirrel into the woods so that the kitten could get it. He assumed there was a Mama and more kittens by what was left to the squirrel.

I stood there at the side and stared into the bushes at these two eyes staring back at me while Earl went to get the shovel. I honestly think I saw Mama cat... she was making her way from the road back into the woods slowly. I know her side was black but I don't know much more than that because I didn't want to take my eyes off this little one for more than a couple of seconds.

As he flipped the squirrel into the woods I talked softly to the kitten. He started walking towards me. It's fate, I thought, this is the kitten I've been looking for. It was like a movie... he was walking straight for me... and then he went right by me back to the center of the road where there was still a stain from where the squirrel was. He was looking for more food lol. Then I saw Earl reach down and grab him by the scruff of the neck and he told me to get to the car. I went to the car as quickly and as quietly as I could and opened his door for him.

The kitten wasn't phased by the car? He gave Earl a lick on the cheek and walked to the back of the car to investigate. We kind of looked at each other a bit baffled... we turned on the car.. the kitten played with a bag he had found in the back making it crackle with his paws... we moved the car.. he looked up for a second and went back to his bag.

We got him home safe and sound.  He's amazingly friendly and spent that night giving us tons of kisses and snuggling. His name is Loki (Little Orange Kitty.) We just got back from the vet and made sure that he didn't have a chip so he is now ours.  He got his first shots today so that we can start introducing him to the other kitties in a couple of days. Earl told me that if I hadn't been going on about an orange cat for the last three weeks he probably wouldn't have picked him up as we don't have the means to Trap and Release in my area right now without big out of pocket expenses unfortunately. I am hoping at some point they will change that as I would work on it with the residents in my town in my free time.

I can't believe he's an orange tabby. I'll be honest, until a couple years ago I have been extremely allergic to cats, to the degree that if I was in the house with one I would get asthmatic. We adopted a couple of kittens three years ago now, another long story and I just wanted them? So I worked with them and I worked with them and I am no longer allergic to cats and I love that. I use to joke that what kind of witch would come to life allergic to cats. Being that I've been so allergic to them my entire life I honestly am not familiar with a lot of different types? I didn't realize there were orange tabbies. Maybe that's why I was seeing an orange cat and taters in my dream lol.

So he is all set.  I have an appointment for his boosters, and to get neutered in the first week of September. Now I'm just hoping the Universe sends the money I need to pay for all this the same way they sent me this little angel. The timing was a little tough as I had to deal with some car issue last week that threw us off a bit. I don't mind though, I will figure it out!  I have seen people complaining about the prices of kittens out here as most of them are going for about $150.00 but it's a lot more than that to get them fixed and get them all the shots they need where I am living. I'm not sure if it is different in other places. I will happily pay it. He belongs with me. I knew it the moment I saw him. He's the one I've been looking for.

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Isn't he cute! :))) yes and already getting spoiled a bit :))))) I found this cute pack of toys at the store for a couple of dollars that

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