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Past Life Regression As a Valuable Tool On Your Path

Past Life Regression As A Valuable Tool On Your Path

How many of you believe that you walked in a previous life?

How many of you believe that those experiences can have an impact on the lives you walk today?

Before I formally started Wicca I was at a shop that had pendulums.  Without even knowing what they were I picked them up and started using them.  I was shocked when I encountered them in a class a couple of weeks later and found out the methods that were being taught were the ones that I was using. Coincidence?   I know that I used them in one of my many past lives and the act of picking them up triggered a memory for me.   Think about some of the people that you see in this life that pick up something and it's as if they have known it their whole life.  Have you ever seen one of the children who sit at a piano for the first time and instead of plunking the keys they instead play a perfect melody? What about the children who come to this life with knowledge of things that haven't happened in this lifetime and they've had no exposure to yet? You've all heard the stories. :))

Your past lives can hold memories that can help you in each of your lives.  If you learn who you were in a past life and what happened in that life it may help you to understand what's going on in this life.  So how do we access those memories?

For some of us it's easier.  You will often find children can tap into those past lives easier simply because children are more open to their intuition and haven't been schooled that they cannot use it yet.  Some psychics have the ability to tap into the past lives of others.  This is something that I actually love to do. :))))

You can access these memories in a variety of ways.  One way is called a past life regression.  This was the first exposure I had to my past lives.  I worked one on one with a psychic and she helped me to go into a deep relaxation to see my past lives.  It was an amazing experience.  

I can use a similar type of relaxation technique to see the past lives of others. I also involve the tarot cards. :))) It helps to give me pictures to help validate what I'm seeing in the visions that I have.  Past Life Tarot readings are a lot like watching a movie. :))) They are definitely one of my favorite readings to do. :)))  Most past life readings involve one life so it's something that is good to have done more than once, especially if you are an old soul. :)))  

The knowledge that you get will give you insight as to why you may have habits, fears, likes or dislikes in this life.  You may also find that skills come back over time.  For instance this is not my first life that I've worked with divination or healing. ;) With the knowledge that comes from these readings you can learn to release things that may not help you in this life or dedicate more time to other things that you will find that you have a natural affinity for. :))))

If you are interested in a Past Life reading with me, you can book it below. :))))

Below you'll find some articles about some of my regressions for your reading pleasure. :)))

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Past Life Tarot Reading 
A journey to see who you were in a past life can help to shed insight as to who you are today.  Walk with me through the portal to see who you were in the past and unlock the secrets to what that life taught you and find out how it affects you on your current path.

Angel From My Past

Yesterday I had a present life regression of sorts done on me.  I've been working with someone who specializes in EMDR which is a type of therapy to help reprogram memories that may be traumatic.  That's the simple explanation. Yesterday we were working with a memory from when I believe myself to be about two.  We went back into this memory just like you would in a past life regression.  It always amazes me the detail I am able to recall.  I remembered exactly what my room looked like, the crib I was in, how I felt at the time and so on.   We were about a half hour into working with this memory and I was describing the anxiety I had felt and all of a sudden I was blown away by what I was seeing. I am still baffled by it today.  I will describe it as best I can in case any of you have seen something similar.

Past Life Regression
I settled into the couch and got as comfortable as I could, knowing that I would only get the answers I wanted if I managed to relax and let myself go.  She started guiding me through the meditation by taking me down a staircase.  At the bottom of the staircase there were three doors and I was to choose one of the three.  As I looked in the first one I didn't see much of anything.  The second door I thought I saw a glimpse of forest but I wasn't sure.  I was starting to get frustrated then I opened the third door.  This door I saw tile on the floor or what I thought was tile on the floor, but the thing I noticed the most was a black swirl of energy that surrounded me right when I opened it. Each door was to represent a past life.  She asked me which door I wanted to choose and I felt compelled to go through the third door.

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