Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Your Emotions and the Full Moon as an Empath

**Graphic by Erisiar**

When I first started studying Wicca many moons ago, I always noticed the strong emphasis on the Full Moon and how wondrous the energy is on that night. The more attention I called to that particular night, the more I noticed that I often didn't feel well on the night of the Full Moon? I was prone to headaches and exhaustion on a lot of Full Moon's and honestly some of the energy and things I encountered during the day time made me want to hide as well.

Why in the world would that be?

As an empath we are sensitive to the energy of the world that surrounds us. The energy on the night of the Full Moon is most definitely heightened. I honestly think this impacts more people than we realize. I'm sure you've all heard the stories and old tales of things that happen on the night of the Full Moon.

So what in the world should we do? Pay more attention to your body and spiritual self during this time. You may require more sleep, you will definitely require more water. Make sure you ground and shield properly during this time and take proper psychic care. Be gentle with yourself. Realize it's ok if you have days that make you fatigued or not feeling quite well. If you take extra good care of yourself during this time you will find that it's easier to participate in the magickal energy of the night.

Whenever you do any magickal work on the night of the Full Moon be aware that you are working with and raising energy. That's one of the primary purposes of ritual right? Everyone always emphasized taking a bath before ritual. I honestly find that a shower afterward can be very beneficial if you take it as a grounding shower. Envision any excess energy going down the drain as the water bathes you in a beautiful white light. Even if you take it first thing the following morning you will find that it's helpful.

One of the things I find people often overlook is drinking water. Keep extra water at hand on that day and make sure it's always with you. It can really be helpful throughout the day. It's good every day really for a multitude of reasons but as a sensitive you will be amazed how much it can help.

Once you are aware of the energy that surrounds you and you know how to handle it then you can work with it.

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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