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Boldt Castle on Heart Island

Merry Meet :)) Yesterday I told you that I would tell you about my favorite place that I visited on vacation, Boldt Castle on Heart Island in Alexandria Bay New York. I'll be honest, I almost didn't go because the story is really just sad.

Mr. Boldt was a millionaire living in New York City in the early 1900's. He was married to the love of his life and for her birthday and their anniversary that fell on Valentine's day he decided to make her the most beautiful castle on an island in the Thousand Islands. This was an area that his family frequented and really enjoyed.

The Island he purchased was called Hart Island and he renamed it to Heart Island even altering the appearance of the island.

The original castle had hearts incorporated everywhere he could think of. They were in the castle structure itself near the windows and as decorative accents, you would find them on the railings, door handles, it became a game to find all the little places that the hearts were tucked. :))

You can see them in the iron lantern above. :))

Unfortunately tragedy struck about a month before the castle was to be finished. His wife passed away in 1904. Mr. Boldt sent a telegram to the workers on the island telling them to stop their work immediately. They were to leave everything as it was and leave the island. Mr. Boldt never stepped foot upon the island again and he made his children promise that they would never go there either.

The castle sat abandoned for 74 years until the Thousand Island Bridge authority acquired it in 1977. From what I understand the Boldt family just gave them the castle. They had a few requests. They didn't want anyone to ever spend a night on the island as Mrs. Boldt had never been able to go there. All the proceeds were to go back into the repair and renovation of the castle. They were never to bring the castle to more than 95% completion.

The grounds were absolutely amazing and we spent most of the day there. This is a partial view of the Italian Gardens and the Pump house in the background.

This is what they referred to as the children's tower. Mr. Boldt based it's design on a castle in Ramstein Germany.

This is a view of inside the children's tower. Unfortunately vandals and the elements did a number on the property over the 70 years that it was vacant. We saw signatures from people from as early as the 1920's which I while I really don't like graffiti I also found rather unreal. You can see in this picture the beautiful architecture that remains. They are restoring it little by little. They are really doing an amazing job with the restoration.

This is a room that was packed to the brim with the original building materials that were waiting to be used when they stopped construction in 1904. I can't believe how this room stood the test of time and how much of it is still there.

This is another view of the castle from one of the places we were sitting on the grounds.

This is one of the newest areas that they renovated, the kitchen. :)) Isn't it gorgeous?

This is Mr Boldt's study. You should see the books in the bookcase! :)) So many amazing books to read.

One of my favorite movies growing up was Annie. :)) I felt like I was in the movie as soon as I walked into this place. That's the original dome isn't it incredible? I have a picture of how they are protecting it.

There's the dome from the third or fourth floor. You can see how they have it protected now.

Doesn't this remind you of Beauty and the Beast? :))) That's one of my favorite movies. I almost fell over when I walked into this room. It's absolutely gorgeous.

We walked this island so many times. I can't tell you enough how magickal and just gorgeous this place was. :)) I've already made Earl promise to bring me back. :)))

This is a picture from their site but I wanted to really give you an idea of what the property is like. It's amazing. :))) I know all of you would love it. A lot of it is being renovated still, like the top three floors of the castle but honestly that just added to the charm and the history of the property. I love the fact that I got to see it before it's been fixed up as well as after it has been in some areas.

If you are in driving distance or in the area at any point I can't recommend it enough. :)))) You can grab a ferry from Uncle Sam's Boat company in Alexandria Bay. They also do a cruise to the Singer castle which we did as well. :))) Definitely worth the time. :)))

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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