Monday, August 28, 2017

My Summertime Office

Merry Meet :)))

Summertime is in full swing here in New England and I am working outside whenever I can. :))) I was talking to Earl this morning about how much I love working outside and it occurred to me that you might like to see where I am typing to from you each day. :))))

I am currently sitting in my back yard on the little table that you see above. :)) You can see the canoe next to me. I love working in the yard as I can go bare foot and sink my toes into the grass all day. Perfect for grounding during tarot readings! :)))

This is the lavender that is directly in front of where I am sitting. She has grown hugeeee this year! This is the first year that she has really taken off and honestly she's tripled in size. We tied her up in the beginning of the season and it apparently was what she needed as she's doing amazing. She is responsible for my nightly tea with those beautiful purple flowers that you see. Her leaves make the best aromatherapy that I could ask for. I can smell them on the breeze while I'm writing this to you. :)))

This patch of beautiful green that you see is my lemon balm patch. :))) It originates from California and we started it about three years ago. It was from Earl's herbs at his old house. It is definitely doing well here. Each year it gets much bigger. There are some chives to the left of it and you can see a bit of the hoop house next to my deck that houses my herb garden. :))) Lemon balm makes the most amazing tea, especially when it's combined with the mint that I have that I'll show you in a minute. :))

This is the little bridge in my back yard and the field behind my house. That patch that you see to the left is all mint. :)) It's apple mint and it is currently well past my waist in height. We most definitely have enough mint on the property. :))) Something else that's neat is we have a variety of mint that is native to my area that is a ground cover. :)))) So when you mow the lawn here it smells like mint. :))

This is part of my herb garden. :)) It's in a hoop house so it is growing like crazy. The part to the left is all different varieties of basil. In the back they are incredibly tall. To the right we have some unbelievably successful parsley and cilantro. We actually had to cut the cilantro yesterday as it was up to my head and was falling over. It's now hanging in the living room to dry. This is about half of the herb garden that you can see that's contained in the hoop house. The other side has a ton of different herbs. I happen to be a huge basil addict so I have a ton of it. :))) I use it in pretty much all my teas and waters. :)))

This is one of my favorite areas in my yard. It's one of the Willows. You can see the second one in the background. This is to the right of the bridge. There is a really tiny stream that runs behind it. I adore that little swinging chair that you see there. It's my favorite place to read in my free time and watch fireflies at night. They form almost a curtain at night in the willow branches. :)))

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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