Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Information for the Full Harvest Moon Tomorrow

Merry Meet :) Is everyone ready for the Full Harvest Moon tomorrow? :)) It's looking like rain where I am located. I am hoping it decides to clear for the evening!

Magick For Tomorrow - This past month has been hectic to say the least energy wise so I wanted to give you a spell tomorrow night that is super easy but beneficial. It will help you to release any fears or worries that you have right now enabling you to harness this beautiful Full Moon energy that we are receiving tomorrow night and move forward with confidence on your path. :))) So what do you need? :))) I said easy right? You can grab any combination of candles and incense that you wish. Just choose a combination that is personally relaxing and comforting to you. So for example I'm most likely going to go with white candles and either lavender or eucalyptus and spearmint as I find both of those scents relaxing. :)))

It's not too late! - Want a copy of tomorrow's Full Moon edition so you can work the spell too? Just sign up today and you will be included in the mailing tomorrow. :))) Super easy. ;) Sign up Now

Last Call for Full Harvest Moon Readings! This reading is one that I designed specifically for tomorrow night's Full Moon. :))) You can absolutely have this reading in the days following the Full Moon. Honestly sometimes I prefer that because I can see what energy has come for you. :)))) You can book the special reading, the traditional one, or book a combo reading and get a special bonus! Book Now!

Ending Soon! Grab Yours Before They Are Gone

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