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The Thinning Veil - 10 Tips To Navigate It Successfully

The Thinning Veil - 10 Tips To Navigate It Successfully

Merry Meet As you know the veil is currently thinning and you will find that many of you are definitely more sensitive during this time. While it can make my job a bit easier this time of year because it's easier for me to do readings and get the information that I want, for those of you who may not be doing this full time this time can be quite overwhelming honestly.

The first year that I really opened my gifts and hit this time of year it was incredibly draining, confusing and a bit disorienting honestly. It definitely gave me an opportunity to work on those grounding and shielding skills!

So what do you need to know during this time.

Specific Times - The energy is easier to read as the veil is thinner. Is this the perfect time to practice your skills? Well, if you do it properly it can be. If you are new to using your gifts or aren't really seasoned you want to set specific times to work with them. Ground and shield before working with your gifts and after. It will help provide an open and closed door for your intuition. It helps so that you aren't receiving them constantly. It also helps to control the energy that is around you and that you are inadvertently taking in.

Set Some Boundaries
- Depending on your sensitivities you may find yourself getting messages at strange times. I know one very popular time that I get them is when I'm trying to fall asleep? Why? That is the time when you are completely relaxed and it's a very easy time for messages to be passed. Don't be afraid to say no. I know that sounds crazy but I can't tell you how many nights I've had to set boundaries for myself because if I don't I'm like a radio that never turns off. You can say no, give them a time or say tomorrow I will be open at a certain time for you, and then shield. You'd be amazed how effective this is.

Psychic Cleansing - I hear so many people talk about cleansing their house, room, area they are working in etc. These are all excellent practices to get into and you definitely want to up the frequency this time of year. Did you know that you can cleanse yourself as well? Start at the top with your choice of white sage, dragon's blood or whatever your preference is. Order all energy that is not for your greater good to leave and only allow energy that is in your best interest to remain, this will help huge.

Ground and Center
- I can't recommend this enough. You always should do it at least daily, during this time of year go to an as needed basis. It doesn't have to be a long process! Something as simple as taking a shower or washing your hands can become a grounding exercise if you set your intention for it to be so. Keep it simple and you're more likely to do it.

Shielding - If you have intuitive gifts and you don't know how to shield, stop everything and learn. I cannot stress the importance of this one enough if you are an intuitive. You absolutely must protect yourself. I hear so many people complaining that their gifts are unmanageable and this is an absolutely huge one. With all of the training I did to help me with my gifts I found this the most frustrating. However I have to tell you that it was worth every single minute I put into it. I have tons of articles on my site to help you, I'll include the link at the end of this article. The one method that worked the best for me was to envision an invisible cloak. It was such a huge help! That may be something that you want to try.

Sleep - You have to make sure you get enough sleep. There's just no way around it. If you want to really control your gifts and your personal energy this is incredibly important. Love lavender? Consider getting a little oil diffuser that you can have in your room to help relax your mind and keep you in dreamland to let you get that deeper sleep. I am a huge fan of Lavender paired with Vanilla. Give it a shot! It got this amazing diffuser for only $15.00 it's just amazing. It allows it to be on intermittently which makes the scent last most of the night. It's worth every penny I spent on it.

Down Time - If you're stressed you aren't going to be able to do what you want to. Some of you are real go-getters and don't take any down time. You need to. Especially over the next few weeks. Make your health and your psychic protection a priority.

Hydrate - We need to drink a ton of water for health reasons. Did you know that water is also naturally grounding? It's not just sitting next to beautiful lakes or taking a walk along the ocean. Drinking water can be an amazing grounding tool. I am not without my water bottle during this season. Get yourself a special water bottle and take it with you absolutely everywhere. Want to give it an extra protective kick? Keep reading....

Basil - Toss in some sweet basil or any type of basil that is to your taste. You can find so many different kinds, cinnamon is another one that you may like. About two years ago I developed this addiction to basil! When I went and looked at the metaphysical properties I just laughed. Not only is it amazing for attracting prosperity but it is also awesome for protection. This year I have about 40 basil plants in my herb garden and I use it absolutely everywhere I can. It's in my water all day long. I have several cups of basil tea a day. You can pair it with tomatoes and cheese and make the most amazing sandwiches. Any way you can incorporate it, use it.

Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz - Both of these are amazing to use during this time of year. The Rose Quartz keeps bringing you loving energy to make you more comfortable and the smoky quartz will help protect you and remove any energy that isn't in your best interest. Both are easy to find, they work well together so they are a definite must on my list.

If you follow all the tips on this list you will find it will help you huge through this time of year.

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Oh! The link to the empath articles. There is so much information for you on this page from grounding and shielding to cutting cords you will find a lot of what you are looking for here:

Empath Articles

Have an amazingly magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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