Sunday, October 8, 2017

Samhain Leaf Mason Jars

Samhain Leaf Mason Jars

Merry Meet. :)) How about some pretty Samhain Jars to decorate your altar?

What You Need
- fall leaves (honestly fabric works best!)
- white glue
- Mason Jars
- LED Tealight

This is pretty easy to make and looks so pretty. Of course I always recommend using a mason jar as the base. If you have another jar that you want to use, you can. :)))

Use Standard White Glue equal parts water to glue to make your glue.

Choose fabric leaves from somewhere as you will find they are much easier to use. You can find them at a craft store or your local Dollar Tree. :))

When you are done adding your leaves to your jar I recommend using an LED tea light or LED candle that will fit in the jar as it won't heat the jar up. :)))

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