Wednesday, October 25, 2017

That Magickal Space In Between

Did you know that the most magickal place to work with energy is in the space in between? How many of you just read that sentence three times? :))) Let me explain.

How many of you have noticed that some spells call for you to be in some interesting places such as crossroads, doorways, etc? Almost all spells ask for you to make Sacred Space by casting a circle. Have you ever wondered why? Yes, a sacred circle will help protect you, and doors and crossroads are symbolic but did you also know that a space called in-between is the most energy charged place to work with magick?

Let's look at the Sacred Directions. Sacred Directions are points at which we interface with the Universe. There are seven directions: above, below, in-between, North, East, South and West. Of these directions in-between is the most magickal.  So when creating Sacred Space, you call upon the elements in each of the directions, but you are actually standing in-between, the most magickal place to work during ritual. This is part of the reason why casting Sacred Space can really improve your energy, spell and ritual work.

Here's where things get interesting. We live in the Material Realm, as we are in-between. This is the most magickal of the realms as we can turn thought into things.

The first time Raven Grimassi talked about this with me it made me catch my breath.

He told me about working with a Fae I believe it was, and how Raven thought at the time, much like I did, and I'm sure that most of you do, that the most magickal realm would be that realm where the elementals, fae, and other creatures of magick reside; or perhaps the other side, where our loved ones go to wait for us. Raven said that the Fae he was with told him that we are lucky in this Realm for our thoughts ultimately lead to things.

In other words when we work to manifest something it happens. So, let's take a simple example. I think about making a perfect candle. I learn how to make one, add the aroma I wish, and place it in my home. I can now walk by that candle 100 times over the next week and look upon it and smell it. We are the only realm that can do that. All the other realms can create things quicker yes, but they only have those items as long as they are in their thoughts. So that same Fae that Raven was talking to could think about a candle and have it appear instantly, however the moment he went to another room to do something the candle would disappear as it is no longer in his thoughts.

This is why the Law of Attraction is so powerful for us here. We literally can take anything we think about and make it happen, but it will stay with us.

I know these principles may be a little advanced, but I tried to simplify them as best I could.  The main thing I want you to understand is that you live in the Realm that everything is possible. The mind is amazingly powerful. Think of the ability to create on different Realms for likely you've envisioned it's like that on the other side. Realize you have that ability here, yes it may take longer, but it lasts longer as well.

The other thing I wanted you to take from this is that the most magickal place for your workings is any place that is in-between. :)))) Not only are you standing in the Realm of in-between, but you can also position yourself in another in-between place to ramp up the energy. So cast that circle, go out to some crossroads in the woods, or heck even a doorway will work lol  Realize how much power you have when you work with energy.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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