Monday, October 9, 2017

Three Souls

**original graphic by Ginhachi**

Along my path I have been blessed to have many teachers, and one of my favorites is Christopher Penczak. A couple of years ago he did a workshop called , the Mighty Dead that I was able to attend. As with all the classes and workshops I've taken with him, this one was amazing as well. He's currently touring with it now in some areas so if you get the chance to go take the workshop with him I definitely recommend it.

He introduced a theory to me that helped me to understand types of spirits or entities that I can feel. I wanted to pass it along to you. You can adopt this theory if you like, or use another one. I liked the way that it helped explain what I sense.

Christopher said that we all have three souls. You can call these souls anything you like as they will have many names, for the purpose of this article I am going to refer to them as your higher self, your mundane self, and your shadow self.

When we are here on Earth, we have three souls, but they are joined as one to go into making up who we are in this life. Our higher self, is our true self. This is the soul that will go back to the other side, or the Summerlands once we pass away.

Our mundane self will actually remain here on Earth, typically at the site we are buried, or the ashes are scattered, etc, until it breaks down completely and becomes one with the Earth again.

Our shadow self goes directly back to the Earth.

This is a quick interpretation of it.

I must admit it is a little bit disturbing to think of myself being split in three! lol :)) That being said though it helps explain a lot.

Many of you know I can hear my guides very clearly and I can sense other entities as well. :)))

When I hear my guides, the angels, my Grandfather who works as my guide, and when I have spirits come through with messages for you, they are almost always behind me and to my right. They have a beautiful energy that is just pure and loving and I am always calm when they are here. :))))) I am most familiar with these types of souls, as I work with them most frequently. When you interact with them you will get the most evolved answers, this has been my experience.

I have also experienced entities who I felt as if they were still on this plane, ie roaming the Earth. For those of you who have been with me awhile you will remember the story of the soul attached to the airplanes that I brought home from a tag sale. I wasn't terrified of his energy, but it wasn't comfortable either. These types of presences always leave me with a wary feeling. I can get messages from them, however I really prefer to deal with the first type. You can still interact with these entities, but you will get more informational, to the point messages, and they may be biased with emotions left over from their life experiences.

Then we go on to the third type. This is the type that is usually unresponsive and I always find myself cleansing right after I encounter one. I haven't known what they were and haven't wanted to refer to them as demons as they don't feel that way to me. They just aren't presences that I want to work with at all. After his seminar I now believe these to be the Shadow self. I didn't attempt to interact with them lol

What I find really cool about this explanation is I often find myself telling people that their loved ones are different when they cross. Those issues that they had to overcome in this life are typically gone and they are loving souls who don't have emotions such as greed and jealousy, or any type of illnesses. This would make sense if they leave that soul behind.

It's an interesting theory and one that I am going to research more. However, as I said, energy wise the descriptions feel right to me.  So I wanted to put it out there for all of you

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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