Saturday, November 11, 2017

Working with Animals When You Are Highly Sensitive

**original graphic by Pete Harrison**

Merry Meet :))) Most of you that are with me are highly sensitives, and many of you are empaths. As such, you might find that you have a natural affinity with animals. Have you ever noticed that animals take a liking to you quite quickly? Do you find that they tend to warm up to you quickly when they may not with others? All my life I have had an amazing relationship with animals. I honestly can't remember a time when I didn't adore them. :)))))) So let's take a look at ways we can start working with and developing this gift.

Start by observing. - Watch carefully how animals respond to you when you are near. Notice how that may or may not differ from others. Watch their actions and what it is they are doing in front of you. Look for any patterns and how they are behaving.

Open your energy and sense them. - Once you have become familiar with your own energy, you can open yourself up to sense those of others. If you've not yet learned to ground and shield, I recommend learning that first. With animals you can simply open yourself up to their energy. For those of you who have pets, this is likely something that you do very frequently without even realizing it. With me I usually set my intent to open up my energy and envision my energy going forward (usually from my solar plexus area) to reach that of the animal's. From there I can usually pick up emotions, and sometimes thoughts. This may vary for each of you depending on your gifts. For some of you this will come quite easy. Others you may have to continue to practice this in order to be able to sense their energy. I would advise starting with familiar animals first, like your furbabies, then working your way up, birds in the yard, squirrels, etc.

Sense the energy of animals around you. - This is a bit different from the method above. Rather than choosing an animal and linking with your energy, you want to scan the area you are in for their energy. For instance when I walk in the woods I am open to the energy of the animals around me. Many times I can sense them before I see or hear them. This is helpful when you are dealing with animals that are skittish such as deer as it can give you the chance to project a calming energy forward and interact with them a bit.

Projecting Energy - You already know that you have a natural affinity for working with energy, now you can use it with the animals. As mentioned previously if you are dealing with an animal who is naturally skittish you may wish to still your body and project a calming energy forward in order to try to sense them better. The same would work with birds. You also may be quite talented in giving them healing energy. If a furbaby is sick try healing them with your hands. Place your hands gently on them and ask the Goddess to help you heal them by channeling healing energy through your hands. Picture that energy surrounding the animal. If it is not an animal that is wise to touch, you need not use your hands, you can visualize moving the energy. The visualization just helps your mind to comprehend what it is you are wishing to do.

Watch for Signs - When you develop a relationship with animals, you will find they will respond to you. It may increase the amount of messages you get passed to you through them. You may find you are getting totem animals to work with more often. There are so many wonderful gifts to working with the animals, not to mention the amazing love and purifying energy they will shower you with.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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