Saturday, December 30, 2017

2018 New Year's Readings Available!

New Years 2018 Tarot Readings Available! 
Available for a Limited Time

As always I have options for you!
New Years 2018 Deluxe Reading
Merry Meet :)))) It’s that time of year! Everyone ready to ring in 2018?  
Welcome in the New Year with a Tarot Reading to get you started right, and act as a guide for the upcoming year.  I am offering three types of readings this year. I wanted to give you some options to choose from.  The ultimate reading in my opinion is the Deluxe reading that I linked above.  It's a 26 card reading, but will arm you with everything you need for the new years.  This reading is both readings in one and will include It includes your spirit animal for this year and special oracle advice from your guides as a bonus! :))))

This Reading Includes Your 2018 Forecast, Astrological Annual Reading, Spirit Animal and Trip to the Oracles!

2018 New Year Tarot Forecast

The New Year 2017 Tarot Forecast is a 12 card reading.  There will be one card for each month in 2018 acting as a guide to what will happen on your path this year. :)))  It's really a great roadmap for the year and will help you to navigate through 2018.  This is really the best time of year to get this reading, and at the moment, the only time it's available. 

2018 Astrological Reading

The Astrological Reading is also a 12 card reading based on astrological charts.  There is one card drawn for each of the 12 houses which each represent an aspect of your life.   This reading is great for showing where you are standing right now and give you insight into every aspect of your life.  I suggest this reading at least once a year. 

Combine the two together and you have the ultimate tarot reading. 

All readings will be delivered via email.

Happy New Year!!! Let's make 2018 a great one! :))))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,
Jasmeine Moonsong

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