Friday, December 8, 2017

Learning to Connect With The Elements

How many of you have taken time to get familiar with the elements? Today I have a simple exercise for you to help your skills with working with the elements. This is an excellent exercise to repeat when you want to work with the elements and improve your connection. Why? Think of them like you would friends. The more time you take to get to know them, the easier they are to work with and the more comfortable you get.

When you do this exercise you want to find a representation of each of the elements. The ideal setting for this would be outside with a fire next to a lake lol :))) However you can adapt this any way you wish.

We will be working with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. A few of these are super easy. For Earth we can go outside, or we can get a bowl with fresh earth in it. Fire, a candle or an actual fire if you have access is perfect. Water, I would go for a bath or a bowl of water. For Air, go outside. Spirit I will show you at the end of the exercise.


Let's start with Earth as it's naturally grounding. Find a way to connect to it. So you may want to immerse your hands in the dirt, or run your hands along the grass, perhaps you want to sprawl out on your back on the lawn if it's a warm day. Do whatever you can to connect as close as you can with Earth. Once you have your connection stay with her. Try to feel her energy and allow the energy to connect with you. What does she feel like? Can you smell anything? How are each of your senses reacting. Notice your breathing. Does it increase, or slow down and steady. Spend as much time as you can developing your personal connection to Earth.

Now we move onto Air. If you are outside already you don't have far to go. Try to feel the air around you. Does it feel cool against your face? Can you notice any patterns? How does the air affect your mood? Try to sense your own energy and extend it out from your body to join up with air.

It's easiest to connect with Fire if you can have an actual fire outside or in your home. If not, a candle will work. As always, use caution. Don't connect too closely. How does fire make you feel? Let the flames warm your face and the energy ground you and give you strength. Are the flames giving you any messages as they dance?

Water is very easy to connect to and one of my favorites. If you can go out for a swim in a natural body of water that's the best way, baths are excellent as well. If you can't go for any body of water that you can sit near. If that fails fill the kitchen sink. Immerse yourself in the water. If you can't fully, then put your hands in the water and feel the connection that way. How's the temperature? How does it feel up against your skin. What does the energy feel like. How do you feel when you connect with it? Try to merge your energy with water and see how you feel.

Finally we wish to sense spirit. When you work with the other elements first you will find yourself naturally grounded and connected and ready to work with spirit. It's always best if you can do this all in sequence. To connect with Spirit open your energy. You can say something like I am open to Spirit if you wish. Envision a beautiful golden light coming from above and working it's way through your body from your head to your toes. How does it make you feel? You are one with the Divine, you are Divine. All of these connections should and will come natural to you as you know them, you just need to remember them.

Happy Magick

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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