Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Magickal Opossum

A few weeks ago, I found myself alone in the house as Earl had gone to Disney with his family and my little ones were off with their Dad.  As I got ready to settle into bed,  I realized that I had left the car unlocked. As any proper witch would be, I'm totally afraid of the dark. I'll admit it.  I think it's residual from seeing spirits and such when I was little.

So I put on the side light and grabbed my flashlight, took a deep breath and out to the car I went. As I put my key in the lock to turn it as my automatic key thingy is broken (technical term I know) I heard this crashing coming through the woods behind me. I would love to tell you I was brave but I just froze in place. Seriously? It's probably a squirrel... at 11:00 at night? It didn't sound big enough to be the bear that I know comes around now and then... So I crept slowly back to the comfort of the light on the side of the porch. As the crunching in the woods on the side of my house was continuing to come towards me.

In the safety of the light of myself I was finally brave and stood there now curious to see what in the world it was. I was so glad I did!!! Imagine my surprise when this massive opossum came waddling into the light of the quail coup with around 4 or 5 babies on her back! The cuteness!!!! I'm so happy I stuck around. She waddled through the light from the coup and under my shed. 

Opossums really aren't bad to have around They tend to eat rotting fruits and veggies, (the remains of what wasn't harvested in my garden which she is welcome to) and pests in the area like voles! Get them! They keep eating stuff in my garden! lol

So being the witch I am I immediately came inside to see what message the opossum had. I'll be honest I haven't seen them much in my life. However just last week we had one come across our back porch when I was sitting in the kitchen. Mama cat didn't know what to make of the opossum that was nose to nose with her on the other side of the sliding glass door.

The opossum tells us to lay low and blend. LOL! If you only knew how much this applies. Every time Earl leaves pretty much everything around me blows up it's rather crazy. Yes I know I need to work with the Law of Attraction but honestly from major windstorms, cars breaking, wash machine breaking, this is the second time the dog has been needing major medical help, I'm telling you every single time! lol So I definitely have been trying to lay low and blend. If I play dead perhaps the problems won't find me? lol

Once the time of "playing dead" is over the opossum comes back with a fighting spirit that is renewed and ready to kick some tail.  When he shows up it often indicates that you need to lay low now but hang in there as things are going to get cooking again. Trust as the universe is helping to fulfill your dreams.   I trust that they will. 

Have an amazingly magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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