Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Looking For Your Soulmate? Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Relationships.

I have so many of you who come to me looking for your soul mate or wanting to know if the person that you are with is your soul mate.  For me this is a bit of a complicated question to answer as my beliefs may be a bit different then some. So for those of you looking for that perfect love, or those of you who believe you may have found them, this article is for you.

As many of you know who've been with me for awhile, I am a firm believer in reincarnation. I believe we come back over many lifetimes to learn lessons that will help us on the other side. When we come back we come back in groups. I would term anyone in these groups a soul mate. You may find your soul mates among family members, friends, and or people that you know very casually. You will likely recognize the energy of these souls rather quickly and may mistake them for your "true love." Their energy will often feel comforting and familiar to you as you've traveled many lifetimes together. Just because a person feels like a kindred soul to you, does not necessarily mean you are meant to spend this life with them. This is where I think some of us get confused. Sometimes this person may have agreed to come solely to help you learn a lesson. So while this soul feels amazing and loving and familiar to you, you may find yourself in a relationship that is not beneficial for you. This can make it even more difficult to leave a relationship that is not working well for you. On the other hand you may have an amazing relationship with this person and have indeed agreed to be together in this lifetime. It may be a beautiful loving relationship and the two of you may be here to support each other in this life.

The Twin Flame is your other half.  I believe we are whole at the beginning of our creation and then separated. There are many opinions out there on how many lifetimes you will spend together, I've heard only the first and last, and in other places I've heard many. I personally believe you will travel several lifetimes with this person. This is a rare and precious gift when you get to spend a lifetime with your twin. It will be unlike any relationship that you have ever experienced before. There are several things that you will look for...

- Undeniable Connection: You will feel like you have known this person forever and have a comfort level from the beginning as if you have spent many lifetimes together.

- Comfort: The comfort level will be unlike that you've ever felt before. You will immediately feel "at home."

- Empathic Energy: You will feel each others energy clearly, even if you are miles apart. You may also take on symptoms of your flames emotions, illnesses etc.

- Unspoken Words: You will often know what the other is thinking without saying a word.

- Energetic Touch: You are actually able to touch each other with energy. You are that sensitive to each other's energy.

- Dream Transfer: You will see each other in dreams and actually be able to recall them together.

- Synchronicity: You will find you call and message each other at the same time frequently.

- Health Awareness: Once together you will both amazingly start to improve your health. You may find yourself craving only healthy foods or picking up new exercise routines.

- Spirituality: This one is huge. There is a profound spiritual connection, and your relationship will deepen your faith together as you will realize that without a doubt the universal energy is much bigger then the world in which we live.

- Past Life Memories: You may find when you are together you have past life memories, and can see snapshots of previous lives, what you looked like, where you lived etc.

- Complimentary Interests: You will have complimentary interests. Your twin flame will have talents in areas that you may be lacking so that when combined you are an amazing presence.

- Your Mission: A knowing that you are here and have been brought together to do something significant together and make some improvement in this world.

- Gifts: This is a giving relationship on both sides.

- Karma: You may be aware of karma from past lives, you may even remember specific incidences, but you will resolve them and move past them in this life.

- Inspiration: You truly inspire each other in all ways.

- Time: Time may appear to freeze or get lost when you are together.

- Determination: There will be an equal determination on each side to make the relationship work.

These are just a few of what I feel are the most important things to look for. When you experience a twin flame relationship you will know it without a doubt for it will exceed anything you have ever known. Now this is not to say that you will never disagree or need to work on your relationship.We are all human.  However you will work together to make it work, and with each obstacle you overcome your relationship will deepen so that you keep reaching levels. The beauty of it though, is the deepening of levels feel infinite.

Please know that this is not a relationship that you will have every lifetime. Many times your twin flame will remain behind acting instead as a guide for you in the lifetime you are in, so even if they are not with you in person, they are still with you.

If you are lucky enough to have it in this lifetime though it will change your life. You will become healthy, fit, make changes you need to, and find yourself living in perfect harmony with the world around you as long as you both work together on both your relationship and spirituality.

I hope this helps!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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