Friday, January 5, 2018

That Familiar Soul - The Soul of an Empath and a Visit From a Ghost

Original art by Imagase

Merry Meet :))) One thing I love about working with empaths is that our energy is incredibly easy to sense. I can pick out empaths incredibly quickly. While I find that empaths often feel lonely as they aren't often positioned with many others around them, what's nice is that if you pay attention to energy you can learn to recognize other empaths pretty quickly and I find most empaths do. :))

I've been getting allergy shots for a year now and one of the ladies who I go to all the time I knew was an empath from the moment I started working with her. However, it's not something I usually just bring up? "Hi! You're an empath how's life in the intuitive lane?" Not everyone knows that they are an empath, not everyone wants to be an empath, it's really a very fine line I walk when I discover another empath on my path.

I've known she was for awhile and honestly I was pretty confident that she knew I was as well. We had been bringing more familiar topics into the conversation each time, gem stones, moon phases, herbs etc. I was pretty confident that my initial impression was correct that not only was she an empath, but she was Wiccan and embraced her path.

We had an incident today where as soon as I sat down at her desk the radio started losing the station and going to static. Not uncommon for me when my energy is high. I get a little anxious before shots! I made a joke about energy and she laughed and then went to change the channel. Absolutely no channel was coming in at all so she just shut it off completely. She came back over and sat down and then the radio just turned back on. She went over, verified it was off and it happened again. All static and then it shut itself off. She called in one of the other ladies from the office who had been having paranormal experiences at her home and joked around about her bringing her ghost to work. By this time it was out. I told her that I was a psychic and we chatted and laughed about the presence in the room. I felt something was off as soon as I walked in but dismissed it figuring it was just me being nervous.

The funniest part was when I told her that I didn't sense anything any more and it was all clear. Before I could finish my sentence the radio came back on normal just as it had been when I walked in the room before I sat down. :))) I love what I do and I will never tire of things like this! :))

When you get to interact with another empath, pay attention to their energy. You will begin being able to tell with time. It's a bit like a flame that other moths are attracted to. The energy of an empath is warm, very kind and very inviting at it's core. There may be energetic walls or other things you need to be able to sense it through but that energy is there.

Have an amazingly magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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