Thursday, February 8, 2018

Are You An Empath?

“As she walked into the room she clutched her jacket a little closer around her waiting for what she knew was coming. Almost every time she walked in the room she would feel like she was hit with a hurricane of emotions. Regardless of how relaxed she was when she walked into that room she could leave there almost on the verge of tears overwhelmed with an influx of emotions.”

“She snuggled sleepily onto the couch underneath her blankets and watched Beauty and the Beast. It was a Disney movie so she knew she was safe watching it, as Disney movies are always happy. All of a sudden she felt her eyes well up with tears as Beauty and the Beast were dancing in the ballroom together as she could feel the love between them overwhelming her. It’s a Disney movie are you kidding me! She was frustrated with herself for crying at yet another movie on tv.”

“She was so excited for her friend to come over. She hadn’t seen her in awhile. She’d spent the afternoon baking cookies and getting the house all cleaned. As her friend walked in the door she suddenly felt a huge wave of sadness come over her and felt the urge to cry. But I was just happy three seconds ago? She gave her friend a hug, silently scolding herself for her emotions creeping up to interfere yet again. She attempted to put up the walls to her emotions as she had learned to do throughout her life. As her friend came in and sat down her friend started crying. She was overwhelmed. Her friend began to tell her how she had just lost her precious furbaby. They both sat there crying and giving each other hugs.”

Crazy? Sound familiar? These are just a couple quick examples, there are countless other stories and examples I can tell you.

I see so many people out there who are empaths and they honestly have no clue that they are. I can usually tell right away as I am one myself. These empaths are often told they are too emotional. They are told that they need to keep their emotions under control. They’ve been picked on throughout their lives for being too sensitive, looked at from society as if they are damaged. Empaths are not damaged. There is nothing in fact wrong with them. They are blessed and gifted with a form of clairsentience. The ability to feel anothers emotions. Most of them are natural healers. Yet most of them are unaware that they have these gifts as we live in a society that has not yet fully learned what an empath is and where their talents lie.

What is an Empath?

An empath is someone who is in tune with others emotions. Depending on how powerful the gift they can usually feel others emotions and if not careful can actually take these emotions on as their own.

– Can you feel what other people are feeling?
– Do you always seem to know others emotional states?
– Do people confide in you easily, even strangers?
– Do you get emotionally overwhelmed in crowds?
– Do you get a lot of random mood swings and aren’t sure why?
– Do you always know if someone is telling the truth or not?
– When you watch tv can you actually feel the emotions of those you are watching?
– Are you drawn to water?

Empaths are usually highly sensitive people, or clairsentient. Everything in the world is made up of energy. All this energy puts off vibration. We are sensitive to the energy and can feel the vibrations. That’s a whole other article in and of itself. Some of us are sensitive to the energy of those who have crossed, some to things in nature, some to electrical appliances, and we are sensitive to the energy of the living. We’ve come into this world like a finely tuned radio. Among the highly sensitive people you will find Empaths. Empaths have the “others emotions” channel tuned in extra strong.

If you are not aware that you have this ability, and a lot of us aren’t, you can become bombarded by information overload if you don’t know how to control it. Let’s face it, not everyone is walking around happy and it doesn’t take much before you can get bombarded with negative energy if you aren’t protected.

The first step is to acknowledge that you are and realize that you have a gift!  Yes, go back and read that line again, you have a gift. You were brought here to earth this time to help others make it through life. A natural healer both emotionally and some of us physically. When in the presence of other empaths I can usually pick you out, as you emit a brighter more white light around you then everyone else does.

Empathy is typically hereditary. So take a close look at Mom and Dad. Mom might have an extreme case of mother’s intuition. In my case, both of my parents are sensitive. My mom is an empath. I can’t get away with anything. My father is extremely sensitive to his natural surroundings. Yes guys can have this too.

A lot of empaths are drawn to water. So you will find them either living by water or dreaming of living by the water. Why is this? Water is naturally grounding. Next time you take a shower picture the water washing all your negative energy down the drain and the water filling you with white light and love. This is a simple effective way to ground and it fits right into your daily routine. Drinking water will help as well. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for empaths, as well as everyone to drink lots of water.

You will also find most, if not all of us, are very in tune with nature. Taking walks outside and just breathing is another great way to ground. Even better, walk barefoot! The energy outside in the woods tends to be more soothing. It’s away from electrical appliances, noise, and usually people. A perfect sanctuary for the empath. Next time you take a walk find a place that you can sit and be comfy. Sit however you are comfy. Picture roots extending out of your rump into the ground. Now allow any negative energy to go down those roots and into the ground. Place your hands on the ground and draw positive energy up into your body. Concentrate on your breathing. Now listen and try to sense the energy around you. How do you feel? Are you sensitive to the trees? I can actually get information on the history of an area when I do this as I am sensitive to the energy all around me.

Meditation is extremely beneficial. So try to take time each day to meditate and center yourself. It can be as simple as laying on your bed for five minutes each night and concentrating on your breathing. Quiet time for you. As an empath it’s essential for you to get this quiet time or you can get quickly overwhelmed and the emotions just stack up on you. So take that quiet time away from technology and just breath.

Shielding is the second skill you will want to learn to master. This can be as simple as envisioning a white ball of light all around you. Set your intention to only allow positive energy to get to you and have the shield stop the negative energy. You can customize this shield anyway you like. Take time designing it. Make it personal to you, but take time every day to apply it. You need to make sure though that you are not throwing a natural brick wall. So many of us try to block the emotions out and bury ourselves under a shield that is not practical for going through life. Ever heard people say that you’ve put up brick walls? That’s essentially what many of us do. So no bricks ok? Nice happy white light that allows the positive emotions to still get to you. The world will miss you if you don’t!

Once you start working with these things everything will become easier for you. It will take time to learn to control it so be patient with yourself. If you choose to develop your gift you can do that as well. The more you become aware of your gift and work with it, the more you will open back up to it. The more you become aware of it you will start to find others who are as well. I can assure you there are a lot of us! So remember.. you are not alone, you have a gift, and you are loved always. You’re sent here to help others.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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