Friday, March 16, 2018

Your Magickal Color Mood

How many of you have ever played with mood rings? I use to love them when I was younger. Ok, I'll confess I still do. Much like a mood ring, the colors you are gravitating toward can reveal magickal tips for you in your own life. Now we all have our personal favorite colors. Mine is blue.You will notice it frequently throughout my work. However there are days when I will gravitate towards a different color. For instance in writing Moonsong Daily Magick the past few days I have noticed the color yellow coming up quite a bit. When I am browsing pinterest, I'm noticing yellow flowers catching my eye, and pictures in shades of yellow. By noticing the colors you are gravitating towards and knowing how to interpret it we can discover more about where you are at.

White: White is symbolic of the moon. If you are attracted to the color white you are gaining spiritual strength. You may be discovering your true self as it evokes faith, purity, and sincerity. White is also a color of protection, making you feel safe and secure as you explore. You may also be beginning anew.

Pink: Pink is a color of gentle emotions and emotional unions. You may be experiencing new love or friendships during this time. Your heart is filled with compassion and love. This is a time of relaxation for you as you are secure in the feelings of love and gentle emotion surrounding you.
Red: Red is the color of the element of fire. Red can indicate intense emotional times. You are filled with health, strength, and physical energy. This is a time that you are passionate about life and relationships in your life. Red is also acolor of courage and protection.

ORANGE: Orange is a fresh, energetic energy. It is a stimulating color and you may find you are attracted and curious about many things during this time. Yourconcentration is greatly improved and you find yourself able to adapt to many situations. You confidence and motivation is high, as orange is an encouragingcolor.

Yellow: Yellow is the color of the element of Air. If you are attracted to the coloryellow you are experiencing a boost in confidence. Yellow is an intellectual colorand you are likely experiencing a time of high learning. It is also the color of communication. Yellow is also the color of divination. Not only is yourcommunication with the mundane improving but your spiritual communication is likely improving as well. Yellow may also indicate forward movement and or travel.

Green: Green is the color of the element of the Earth. You may be experiencing much luck in in your life, and finding things are coming easy for you. Financial windfalls may also be coming your way. Green is also the color of life, healing and growth. This is a time of healing your past and moving forward.

Blue: Blue is the color of the element of Water. This is a great time of healing for you. Your patience is great and you are ready to reconcile any negative areas ofyour life. It's a calm color and covers you with happiness and peace. Blue is a very tranquil color. You will find that you are relaxed. In this state you are better able to perceive what is going on around you. It is the color of spiritual awareness.

Purple: Purple is a symbol of divine. Have you been experiencing an increased connection with the divine and a heightened sense of spirituality? You are more in tune with yourself, and spiritual activities like meditation will come easy to you during this time. Purple is a very powerful color. You may find you are ambitious during this time.

Black: It is the color of the universe. If you are attracted to this color you may be doing some intense work banishing negativity. It is also a magickal color. You may be experiencing a deeper connection to all that is magickal and mystical.

Brown: Brown is a color used to represent the earth. You are well grounded during this time. You are experiencing a heightened connection to Mother Earth. This may also be a time of fertility for you.

These are my interpretations of the colors and what you may be experiencing while you are attracted to these colors. Also be aware that on occasion they can describe what you are craving. This is typically the beginning stage to achieving what your soul wants. So for instance, if I am attracted to Orange all of a sudden, but I am sick, emotionally drained and sleepy. I may be craving the stimulation and energy of the color orange. By surrounding myself with this color I am initiating a move to being energetic and healing myself.

Much Love and Many Blessing,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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