Friday, April 20, 2018

The Magick of Spring Rain

Merry Meet :))) How many of you are ready for Spring? It's coming! Here in New England Mother Nature seems to have missed the message but I am beyond happy knowing that those warm days are coming. All the animals I have living with me are starting to get more active as well. The kitties have been anxiously sticking their noses in the doors that we have cracked to try to change the air in the house. We were just outside looking at the gardens. I was excited to see that the Crocus's are finally up in the front yard and the chives are green and ready to go already.

Today though I wanted to go into something simple that you should do soon, and that is collect Spring rain. It is best if you can catch it from the first rain in the season. The first spring rain is considered extra lucky. 

So how do we catch the rain? My first choice is usually a glass bowl. Make sure you cleanse it properly first. You can do that by wafting a bit of white sage over the bowl before you use it, or you can simply run it under cool water envisioning any energy on the bowl that is not for it's greater good going down the drain. 

So once you catch it what's the best way to store it? My preferred method for storage is a glass container that doesn't let in any light. My personal favorite is blue glass This ensures that the energy from the water stays intact. 

Ok so now what do we do with it? 

Use this water as an anointment for luck, so you can use it on candles, or on yourself as it's perfectly safe for extra luck. If you want you can add some luck drawing essential oils to it to make a mist. Sprinkle the water around your altar and around your home to draw luck to you. It is said if you take a bath in it, you will have a year of luck and joy. I might put out an extra bucket this year how about you? You just need to add some of it to the bath, so no worries on trying to catch enough to fill your tub. It is said if you wash your face with the water it will enhance the appearance of your youth. If you wash your hair with it, it will help to attract and keep romance. 

Make sure you gather some! Don't forget to to try to get lucky and catch the first Spring rain!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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