Monday, June 18, 2018

Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards

The Mystical Shaman Oracle

Things have a way of crossing my path that are amazing to work with. Tarot and Oracle decks always seem to find their way to me. I honestly can't remember how the Mystic Shaman Oracle deck found it's way to me! Isn't that funny? While I've only had it a few short weeks now it's one of those decks that feels like it's been in my hands forever. It reads like it's been with me forever.

May of you know that I love using oracle cards at the end of the tarot readings that I do because I love the voice of the oracles. While I read the cards and let you know what I see and what your guides are showing me, the Oracles give your guides a voice. It let's me step out of the way for a moment as the medium and talk to you. I almost always love the results as well. I find that Oracles often validate what I've seen through the entire reading and I'll be honest sometimes they say things better than I do!

I ran these cards as a bonus with any tarot reading for several days to give them a run. I knew I was meant to read with them right away and I can honestly say they didn't disappoint. They've been appearing in my readings frequently since I got them. They are unbelievably accurate. At points their accuracy has shocked me a bit. When I get a new oracle card deck I don't go through each card. I use them and let them come to me in the order that they are meant to. It's one of my little quirks as a reader. The cards have been amazing in offering advice to go along with the readings that I've been doing and validating what I'm seeing.

The cards are beautiful to work with. The art is amazing and the art has so much going on that it allows you to see beyond what's immediately apparent if you wish to pull additional information which is something I find important when working with a deck. The descriptions of the cards are really well thought out and help to give you specific information that you will find helpful on your path. This is definitely a deck that i think you will enjoy working with if it calls to you.

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Want to Experience the Mystical Shaman Cards? Book any reading with me that has oracles and request in the notes that I use this deck! It's an amazing oracle to work with. Pretty much every reading in my shop has the option to add oracle cards to your reading.

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