Thursday, June 28, 2018

Tonight's Full Sun Moon

Tonight's Full Strong Sun Moon

Have you ever found yourself on your path.. looking at where you want to go.. knowing that it's probably where you belong... but feeling held back for some reason? Perhaps you're nervous on the outcome, maybe you think you aren't capable of it, what if it doesn't go the way you planned, or any one of hundreds of other thoughts or reasons why you can't make that jump?

With tonight's Moon we are really concentrating on looking at that well lit place off in the distance on our path that we want to be and figuring out exactly what we need to have the courage to step onto our path and go towards it.

It's not uncommon for empaths to have confidence that can be shaky at times. Please know that it is normal. We just need to be aware of it and do what we can to shake it off.

We have some incredible energy this evening to work with as Capricorn is bringing us some added structure to assist us on our path and tonight's Full Moon will help give us a confidence boost increasing our strength to achieve what we want on our path. Summer is finally here and everything is growing strong everywhere as the Sun gives us his energy every day warming the Earth. This strong energy of the Sun is where we get the name for tonight'sMoon. You may also hear tonight's Moon referred to as the Honey Moon, Strawberry Moon or Lover's Moon, so feel free to incorporate some honey, strawberries or love into your ritual work tonight.

Have an amazingly magickal night tonight!

Make sure you enjoy it and get out there and spend some time in nature taking a walk, tending to your garden or just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful fresh air. If you can sit outside at night! It's gorgeous out under the Full Moon when the skies were clear. I took some time to last night as it was just gorgeous out!

I send you tons of love for a wonderful night.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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