Thursday, August 2, 2018

Gemstone Shapes

As we all know certain gemstones are better for certain things, such as healing, types of energy, magick etc. Did you also know their shape can affect their usage? Today I wanted to run through some basic shapes that you may find gemstones in and their various meanings.

Round Stones: Round stones are related of the energy of the universe. They are key to spirituality and developing your psychic awareness. They are symbolic of the Mother Goddess. As such they are also symbolic of women. Round stones are linked to the female reproductive system. Round stones are an excellent choice when you need a stone to represent a woman, or women. Round stones are also very good to use in love spells and any magick involving attraction.

Long and Thin Stones: These stones are phallic symbols, and represent the masculine energy and the Great God. This does not necessarily apply to quartz crystals or other crystallized stone points. These stones are energy stones and can be carried or placed on an altar to assist with energy. You can hang one on your door or mirror for protection. You can pair these stones with round stones when working love spells.

Egg Shaped Stones: Egg shaped stones stimulate creativity and help to open your mind. They can also be used to bring fertility to a ritual or in your magick. In the past people carried egg shaped stones to help them become more fertile. They also buried them in the gardens to help with fertile crops.

Square Shaped Stones: Square shaped stones are symbolic of the Earth. They are helpful in grounding and promoting balance and stability. They also represent prosperity and abundance.

Pyramid Shaped Stones: These stones can be a bit harder to find. Pyramid shaped stones will concentrate energy and release it upward. So for example if you need money, you may want to place a dollar bill underneath it and the visualize money flowing up through the pyramid and out the top.

Diamond Shaped Stones - Are used to attract prosperity and riches.

Heart Shaped Stones: Heart shaped stones are symbolic of love. They can be used to stimulate love or draw love into your life. They help you to both receive and give love.

Triangle Shaped Stones
: Triangle shaped stones are protective in nature. You can use them to guard yourself or your home. To guard your home place the in the windowsills.

L Shaped Stones: L Shaped stones are said to bring good fortune. They can be carried or placed on your alter to assist with good luck or prosperity.

Body Shaped Stones: Stones that resemble various parts of the body are used in healing that type of body. For example if you are working on healing someone with a kidney issue you may wish to choose a stone shaped like a kidney.

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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