Thursday, August 30, 2018

Lucky Kitties


Did you know that cats are considered lucky in many cultures? How many of you are familiar with a Maneki Neko?

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Now that you have seen a picture I bet many of you recognize this kitty. He is known as the fortune kitty in Japanese or the beckoning cat. Many of you who have seen him know that usually his paw waves up and down.

Did you know black cats are generally considered good luck in Britain and Japan? For those of you in Britain have you heard this? Here in the States we are working hard to remove the "unlucky" stereotype of them. One of my kitties is a black kitty and she is amazing. Her name is Luna.

The reason for today's post is that I have a fun and simple sort of divination exercise for you.

Throughout your day count how many kitties you see. Look for kitties running across the road, sleeping in various sunny places, hanging out with their owners, wherever you can find them. The more kitties that you find during the day the better day you will have. You will find that you are especially lucky if you find an all white one or an all black one.

Have fun with it!

I've heard that orange means you will have a relaxing day. Perhaps that corresponds to their personality. I have an orange kitty who is so calm and relaxed.

Just in case you have just joined Daily magick I currently have 6 kitties that have chosen to call my home their home. They are all rescues. All of them are related except one. I have the Mama kitty and she lives with us now and all are fixed. We rescued two of her litters with two each. Then I have my Loki who we found in the middle of the road. I love them all. They are all unique and all have such unique personalities.

That's Loki. I had a particularly hard challenge in my life and many of you know as I work with my guides all the time I love asking them for signs. This was something extra hard so I said that I wanted a male orange kitty as a sign. I figured I would see a picture of one in passing in the next couple of days or at a shelter? I was on my way to fireworks and he was in the middle of the road having dinner. He happily came with us, most likely as he had a full tum and has been purring by my side ever since. He was about 6 weeks, super tiny when I got him. I saw the Mama and the rest of the kitties which we reported. I'm not sure if they ever were able to get them. We have a decent sized feral population in our area. Loki is amazing. He goes everywhere I go and loves snuggles. He's amazing as are all of the kitties I am lucky to live with.

Have a magickal day today! Look for those kitties!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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