Thursday, December 6, 2018

Spell Ingredients for the New Moon Tomorrow

original artwork by filmgirl

Are You Ready for the New Moon Tomorrow?

I'm so excited for the New Moon tomorrow.  It's bringing some really incredibly energy shifts that I know so many of you are going to be really excited about. 

I have an incredibly strong connection with the New Moon tomorrow and the stars.  This is going to be some amazing energy for you to work with and you should find it empowering and if you choose to work with it you will find that it may help you really go after something that you've been wanting.  I'll tell you all about in Daily Magick tomorrow.  

For tomorrow night's spell we are doing a wishing spell.  You will need a white or silver cloth for a small altar you will be putting together, white and silver candles, some small mirrors to help decorate your altar, a clear bowl and a wand or athame.  

I think that's everything! I hope you have an amazing day today! I'll see you tomorrow on Daily Magick!

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Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


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