Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Working With Positive Affirmations

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Working With Positive Affirmations

Merry Meet :))))

Many of you have probably noticed the affirmation I post each day for you in the Moonsong Daily Magick newsletter. :))) How many of you know what the affirmations are for, when to use them, and why they work?

Let's start with what an affirmation is. Everyone has those thoughts that run through their mind when they are not speaking out loud. For those of us who are sensitive, it can be an endless stream of chatter. lol Almost every thought that goes through your mind is an affirmation. These thoughts are literally programming out life by feeding our subconscious instructions on what to do. They also affect the energy that we put out into the universe affecting what happens in our life via the law of attraction.

So let's take a quick example of this. You wake up in the morning and realize that you overslept by a half hour. You are going to be late for work. How many of you are swearing by this point and telling yourself that it's going to be an awful day? It's ok, we're all friends here. :)))))) So let's say it put's you in a bad mood, you rush to work, hit every light on the way there, all the while telling yourself it's an awful day and you're going to get in trouble. You get there, get in trouble, computer doesn't work, cranky clients call you and pretty much everything that can go wrong that day goes wrong. Why? Because you overslept? No, because you told the universe to do that, and told your subconscious how to react.

So how could we have turned this around? Using positive affirmation. :) When you woke up in the morning, sure you might have still been late, but you could have used an affirmation like, "Everything is ok." Repeated it to yourself and taken deep breaths. You might be surprised, perhaps you might not have got in trouble, maybe you would've gotten there on time as there would have been no traffic. The universe works in amazing ways. You just need to program your life. :)))

You can create your own affirmations for pretty much everything. Say you want a new job. You could use an affirmation like "I am getting a new job that I love." Wanting to find a new partner in life? How about using "I will find my true love." I started out using basic ones. I still use some of my original ones. "Calm" is one I use when I feel overwhelmed. Just one word that I repeat to myself. The biggest thing I do though is try to monitor the chatter in my mind. If a negative thought creeps in I try to dismiss it and replace it with a positive one. At first it can be time consuming, in time though you will wind up doing it naturally. :)))))

You are beautiful. You are amazing! You are perfect! You are you. :)))) and you are loved. :))))

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


  1. Nicely said and I mus agree that positive affirmations really can help you overcome almost anything. All positive things come with good positive thinking.

    Mary of weight loss affirmations

  2. Indeed the universe works in amazing ways, practicing possitive affirmations sounds like fabulous start! Lila


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