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Sister Signs In Astrology

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Sister Signs In Astrology

In Wicca we focus a lot on balance.  One place where this occurs in astrology is your sister sign.

Have you ever had a person that you just get along with perfectly, and while you are different, you just seem to compliment each other?   Have you ever checked to find out their astrological sign? Perhaps they are your sister sign.

A sister sign in astrology is the sign that is directly across from you on the wheel of the year.

Pisces & Virgo

Gemini & Sagittarius

Libra & Aries

Capricorn & Cancer

Aquarius & Leo

Taurus & Scorpio

If you know the astrological signs of your friends, take a quick inventory and I bet you'll find several among them who are your sister signs.  Even if you just have one, you will understand how the two of you balance each other. :)))

Your sister sign is one that will be similar to you, but they will have what you lack, and vice versa.  You will balance each other out.  You will also be attracted to your sister sign. :)))  I'm not saying these relationships will always be easy :)))) You will have to work a bit with them as you are different, however when you have a union, it will be amazing for you will complement each other perfectly. :)))  You will also bring out the best aspects in each other.

We've all heard the saying "opposites attract." :))) It is not known where that saying originated, but one logical explanation for it is astrology.  In romantic relationships, your sister sign is your natural opposite, and your most ideal partner.  :))))  I'm not saying there will never be conflict or disagreement, as this is a relationship that will move you forward in life, challenge you and teach you.  An undeniable attraction to each other will help smooth over any bumps you may encounter. :)))) If you work together and love each other, an amazing harmony and balance can result combining the two of you in a beautiful partnership for you will be the most compatible astrologically.  

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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