Monday, October 31, 2016

Childhood Samhain Memories

Childhood Samhain Memories

Merry Meet :))))) Tonight is Samhain and I am sooooooo excited! :)))))) I was looking for a picture to go with a quote and I came across the picture above and it took me back to Halloween as a child in a rush. :)))))))

When I was little Halloween was always my favorite holiday. I loved Christmas as well, but Halloween definitely got me the most excited. I use to write a lot as a child too and can remember writing stories about haunted houses and ghost for hours. :))) Not wicked scary ones, but the type that would be mysterious, adventurous and a wee bit spooky. :)))

When I was in first grade, my school use to have a haunted house in the basement of the school. They had two versions of it, scary and not scary. The person at the front of the line got to pick which haunted house we went through. That year I was picked to be at the front of the line. I don't remember much just being absolutely terrified of the basement in the school (my school was super old) and honestly I think I was frightened before I even got to the haunted house part. Of course I said not scary :))) I remember getting made fun of from my classmates. For as much as I loved Halloween, I didn't love being scared. :)))

Ghost stories always fascinated me. Partially because I was seeing spirits so young and while the stories weren't what I was seeing, they were closer than anything else I had seen so I quickly became interested in them. I remember reading every Halloween book I could get my hands on.

I also loved dressing up on Halloween. I can remember waiting for what felt like ages for the sun to set so that I could go out Trick R Treating. :))))) Then I remember walking all night on the crunchy leaves knocking on doors and watching all the other kids in costumes. For me it was the most magickal night of the year. :)))))

To this day it's still my favorite holiday. :))) It goes on for weeks at my house with special dishes and costume making, pumpkins and anything else I can think of to go with Samhain. :)))) We set up our decorations before October even started lol :)))))

So how are you celebrating this year? Are you going out? I will be taking my little ones out Trick or Treating. I can't wait :))))) After that I will do a quiet celebration that night to honor my ancestors after they are tucked in bed. :))))))

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Contacting Those Who Have Crossed

original graphic by: Everild-Woflden

Contacting Those That Have Crossed

Merry Meet,

As we approach Samhain the veils are noticeably thinning, and it is becoming easier to reach those who are on the other side. It is also the time of year when we honor those ancestors that have gone before us. For many of us, those who have crossed before us have left us with scars. These scars can be just from the loss of our loved ones, or they can be from things that happened before they crossed. A huge step to healing these wounds is talking to them and realizing that they are still around. No this isn't just for those who are more sensitive to spirits. Anyone can communicate with those who have crossed. It may be easier for some to get messages back and forth, but if you talk, I promise you they will listen.

Sometimes just knowing that you have that option to communicate that is enough to help heal. When you talk to them you can make it as simple or ritual like as you wish. If you are comfortable just sitting down in a chair one evening and talking to them, then do so. I will think about the person, and try to sense them. Focus my energy on them for awhile until I feel a tingling sensation then I will talk. I don't talk out loud. I direct my thoughts to them. Hopefully this will make sense. You can also light a white candle to help facilitate communication. If you wish to cast a circle as you feel more protected, by all means do so. Bottom line is you have the option to talk to them.

Will you hear them answer you? You may not hear anything. You may not feel anything. However, know that they have heard you. Be very aware of your surroundings over the next couple of days as it is quite likely you will receive a sign from them in acknowledgement. It can be an animal that crosses your path, a dream, an article, something will likely jump at you and make you go hmmmm. :)))) I do hope this helps.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Grounding Tree

The Grounding Tree

This is the time of year where the veil is the thinnest and many of you are gifted intuitives likely noticing changes in the energy around you.

Did you know that trees are naturally grounding? One of my favorite activities use to be to spend time with the trees. You can sit with your back up against the tree and you will naturally be grounded. :))) Just sit there and absorb the gift of the tree's energy. When you are done leave the tree a gift like some fresh water or a tiny stone to show her your gratification. :)))

For those of you who wish to work on your gifts during this time a tree will give you a bit of an advantage. You can choose a spot that you feel safe in. Sit with your back against the tree and then work on sensing the energy around you. :)) See what you notice. When you are done let the tree ground you. :)))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Friday, October 28, 2016

Working With Your Ancestors

**graphic by Lyastri**

Merry Meet :))))

As Samhain approaches quickly, and the veil is getting thinner, many of us are curious about working with our ancestors that have crossed before us.  I have been receiving a lot of messages from you telling me of visits from your loved ones, and many of you are seeking that connection.

As a medium and intuitive, this is something I've worked with my entire life, unbeknownst to me when I was younger that everyone didn't see them. :))) With the veils thin right now, communication for them is much easier.  However, many of you looking for signs, may be surprised to realize that you are just not noticing those messages being sent.

Often times on tv we will see the apparition making an appearance in a bedroom as the person lays in their bed and listens to the message being given. Other times you will see yet again an apparition skirting quickly down a hallway just out of our sight.  Now for some of you, you may see apparitions of your ancestors.  I have only seen my Grandfather and my Grandmother once, clear as a bell like this.  When I did, an amazing calm sensation came over me and I was just mesmerized.  It's as if the world stopped in that moment.  However, after working with spirits almost my entire life, this is not typical.  They tend to put through signs that are more subtle.

As you go through these days leading up to Samhain pay attention to your surroundings and what is happening in your life.  Is their a symbol or phrase that keeps coming up over and over? A movie or song that you can't seem to get out of your mind? Do you have an urge to drive somewhere or do something that is out of the norm for you?  As I've told some of you before, I often will see a deer crossing my path as a sign that my Grandfather is around.

Almost all of you with me are sensitive, but you will find  your strengths lie in different areas.  This will dictate how you see/hear spirits the most.  For some of you, you have been blessed with the gift of sight.  For those of you who are, you may find that you do see apparitions more readily then the rest of us.  That is not my main gift so the majority of the time I will see them in my minds eye, either through meditation, or when they have an important message to pass along.  Others of you may be blessed with hearing.  You may be able to hear the spirits quite clearly.  While I have experienced this a couple times too, the majority of the time, I can hear them in my head.  

So let's move on to the empaths :)))) You are likely having a lot of emotions that are not yours this time of year.  Have you noticed it happening when no one is around? It's quite possible that a spirit is trying to communicate with you.  This is what I feel the strongest.  I will be doing something and all of a sudden be hit with an emotion that is out of place.  Since working with my gift, this emotion is now coupled with sights, sounds and smells for me.  However for those of you just starting out and working with your gifts you may only have one sense and need to piece together the rest.

It's an amazing time of the year, and I want to stress to you, that you need not fear when working with your ancestors.  They wish the best for you and want to help you on your path.  You may wish to say a blessing for them, or leave out offerings.  Light a candle and ask them to guide you to the answers you seek on  your path.  We have an amazing opportunity to work with those who have crossed before us and the lines of communication are easier then ever.  Use the oil that I gave you above and anoint a little bit on your wrists and your third eye, then do a brief meditation to ask them to communicate with you.

There are so many different ways to approach working with your ancestors. :)))))) Use this time to look into your past and learn about them.  Ask family members to tell you stories.  Leave flowers as offerings on the graves of those who have crossed.  I personally love using as it has helped me huge in discovering my roots. :)))))

Above all though, take care of you!  Make sure you are grounding and centering frequently during the next few weeks.  You may want to smudge yourself and your home frequently just to make sure the energy stays clean and for your greater good.  Drink lots of water and make sure that you are maintaining your health.  Take frequent walks if the weather allows to clear your mind and allow yourself to listen for messages. :)))))


Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Samhain Spiced Cider

Samhain Spiced Cider

For your celebrations this year I have found a special yummy spiced cider recipe for you that can be prepared in your crockpot so it's going to make your house smell amazing! :))) You want to hug me now right? :)))) Huge Hugs :))) I am sooo excited about this. Ok ready? Super easy peasy. :)) Wicked quick prep time and you will get a large crock pot full of cider :))))

1 gallon Musselman's Apple Cider
4 cups orange juice
4 hibiscus tea bags
10 cinnamon sticks
1 tsp. whole cloves
1 Tb. juniper berries
1 1/2 inch piece of fresh ginger, cut into slices
1 apple, sliced into rounds
1 orange, sliced into roundsDirections:

Toss everything into the slow cooker :))) Heat it on high for about 3 - 4 hours until it looks darker and all the fruit is soft. When ready take out the tea bags and serve hot. :))) Allow it to cool and store it cold if you have leftovers. :))

Please watch your crockpots. They are all at different temps and the new ones are absolutely psycho hot. In fact I haven't been able to purchase a new one that doesn't burn the smithereens out of everything so if you know of one, I'm looking! :))) So keep an eye on it. You may want to have it on warm or low depending on your particular crockpot. Don't have a crock pot? You can simmer it low on your stove. :))) Even better, drag it outside on a nice cauldron on an open fire ;)


Your house is going to smell amazinggggg :)))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Samhain Spirits and The Owl Who Visited Me

Samhain Spirits and the Gentleman Who Visited Me

Merry Meet :))))) As you know Samhain creates thinned veils and while I can pick up spirits all year it makes it that much easier for them to communicate with me right now. I have one gentleman on the other side who has truly made my Samhain this year. He actually moved me to tears tonight. :)))))

I don't always bring through spirits, they come through when they wish which is why I don't have any formal offerings for medium work. When they do come through I do try to bring them through. :)))

I did a reading for a wonderful lady for the first time last week. I'll be honest I always get jittery when doing readings. I'm not sure if that will ever go away. I love what I do and I have a great respect for it. :)))) I always want to make sure I have things right for the people I read for because I think it's really important.

So I started the reading and I immediately felt his presence standing with me. I knew he was there and I reached out trying to get additional information. Throughout the reading I had things coming through that I passed on. I asked him for something specific and boy did he get specific. lol :)) I've never had something this specific come through before and it made me question sending it. He told me specifically to look for the Halloween Oracle. First of all I didn't know there was a Halloween Oracle deck. :)) How cool! I now have it thanks to him and have been using it for your readings. Here's where the shocker came. He showed me a card, a card in a deck that I had never seen. I googled Owl, Halloween Oracle and the card above came up. He was adamant that I put that card in because it was specific. Without revealing too many personal details the wonderful woman's husband crossed a year ago at dusk on Halloween and the owl was quite significant.

I about fell over.... that was really really specific. I don't think there will ever come a day that I don't love validation. It's just one of those things with me. :))) To me being able to pass messages is such a blessings and I thank my guides ever day for the chance to do so.

So I went back to my readings incorporating the Halloween Oracle that this gentleman introduced me to. :))) I had a reading in my list from another new client. I felt that she had expectations... but I couldn't figure why? It made me nervous! lol :))) Yes, I'm being totally honest lol So I sat down to the reading and immediately I had a man sitting with me again. I could feel him. He has a lovely energy by the way. He was showing me all sorts of things this time and was very happy that I could receive them. He even brought someone with him, a wonderful lady that wound up being this lady's Mom. :)))) Amazing energy.

The man though! He had me so confused. He was showing me rings and a heart... but I didn't feel like he was the husband I was the person he was reading for. He gave me all sorts of details and I just gave her everything that I was getting. Are you ready for this?

It was the first woman's sister. :)))) It was her husband again! :))) He's amazing! :))) I thank both of you ladies for giving me the opportunity to work with the both of you and him. :)))) I actually had tears streaming down my face when I got validation from the sister. :))) It explained everything to me and as I've said I truly see this as a gift. I am grateful for it every day and it baffles me every day lol I remember watching Sylvia Brown and John Edwards when I was little wanting to do what they could do. Of course you can't go to school for that lol :))) I am grateful I can pass the messages that I pass and I love working with all of you :))))) You have no idea how happy it makes me :))))))

I hope you enjoyed the story :)))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Honoring Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Honoring Those Who Have Gone Before Us

A huge part of celebrating Samhain is celebrating our ancestors and those who have gone before us.

One of my favorite activities is perusing old cemeteries. The older the better. :)))

This is something that you can do to honor those who have gone before you by remembering them.

Choose one or two people who were prominent in the town that you live in and find out where they have been laid to rest. Learn as much as you can about them before you go. Plan an afternoon to go to where their grave site is and see if you can find their marker. On the way there choose a pretty stone to give them as an offering to celebrate their life. :))

Something else you can do on the same trip is wander around and see if any stones call to you. When you find one that does see if you pick up any energy. Write down the name on the stone and the date and then when you get home you can try to research the person on the internet and see if anything comes up.
Although rare sometimes entities or energy surrounding a site may not be pleasant. When this happens just leave. Don't try to help or figure things out, trust your intuition and walk away. :))) If this happens ground and redo your shield, you should do this anyway after any intuitive exercise. :))))

Have fun with it! :))) Learning about the history of people can be amazing. :))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Witch's New Year - New Moon Reading

Witch's New Year  - New Moon Reading

New Moon's are all about new beginnings and setting pace for the upcoming lunar cycle. This Year our New Moon falls on the night before Samhain, our Witch's New Year, creating one powerful night for manifestation that you don't want to miss!

This Tarot Reading has been designed with the Witch's New Year and the powerful New Moon energy in mind. I've created options for this reading for you as always. You can combine the Witch's New Moon reading with the Astrological reading for a power packed New Year's reading. :))) Enjoy!

****Combined readings will receive 2 bonus Oracle Cards******

Your Past - Let's take a look at where you came from and see how it's affecting the present.

Your Present - There's no time like the present. ;) Where are you currently on your path?

Your Future - Where is your path leading you? This is a great card to see if you want to adjust your path or continue as you are.

New Moon Energy - What energy is this New Moon bringing you.

Samhain Energy - What energy is Samhain bringing you?

What should you release? - What should you release going into this lunar cycle.

What should you you embrace? - What energy should you work on bringing to you this cycle?

Witch's New Year Resolution - What Should You Embrace this New Year?

Witch's New Year Bonfire - What should you let go of this year?

What Your Guides Want You To Know - Special advice from your guides. What do they want you to know right now?

Your Power Animal - What Spirit Animal is currently assisting you on your path and how can you best work with their energy.

********** Astrological Tarot Reading
- You may combine them for a complete New Year Package********

This reading combines astrology with tarot to give you a unique insight as to where you stand in your life.

The spread I am using for you is based on astrological charts. I will work in your personal astrological circle and divide the space into 12 houses. Each house will represent an aspect of your life. When working with this energy I will be able to give you insight to:

- Your self-image and personality
- Your value system and material resources
- Your siblings and communication
- Your parents, home, and family
- Creativity, affairs of the heart, fun and children
- Work, responsibilities and health
- Partnership both romantic and business
- Sex, death and shared money
- Travel, higher education, spiritual connections
- Public image, vocation and ambitions
- Friends, hopes, goals and wishes
- Your inner self, dreams, secrets and the past.

*** I know many of you love options so I have also added the option to add the November 4 week tarot forecast to your reading*****

All readings are done via email. You will receive a PDF document with the cards as I drew them and a detailed explanation of each card.

I do these readings by hand after meditation so please allow up to one week to receive your reading via e-mail. :) Please write out the question you seek answer to or situation you wish further insight to in the message on your payment. Thank you!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Get Your Goddess On

Graphic by Lily Seidel

Get Your God or Goddess On :)))) 

Merry Meet :))) One of the things I love about Samhain is the chance to dress up and just have fun and play pretend for a night. It's so much fun to watch how everyone dresses up on that night.

Something that's been taking off huge in my area are these beautiful glitter face paints. :)))) I've used them for my daughter before. They are pretty easy to work with. Tomorrow night is the Full Moon, consider getting all dressed up with paint for tomorrow night. :)))) You don't have to do your whole face you could put some sparkles around you eyes, similar to what the girl in the photo above has done. Have fun with it and see where it takes you. :))) What would you look like if you were a Goddess? Get into the role of one for a night and build your connection with the Goddess.

You can also do things like Henna or temporary tattoos. Anything that puts you in that mind frame. :)))))

I know not all of you are women that are with me ;) For the guys try a bit of the same! Take a night and just have a blast with it. :))) Think about what would make you feel like a God. Perhaps a special long robe or a hat. Dress up however will make you feel one with the Deities for the evening. :))))

How many days do you give yourself permission to do something like this? :))) I thought so ;) It's your chance! :)))) Have fun!!!! If you are comfy take pictures of your special celebration. :))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Thinning Veil

**beautiful graphic by Arwens Grace**

The Thinning Veil

Merry Meet. :)) How is everyone doing? Anyone noticing any changes lately going on around in the energy that surrounds you? Twice a year, during Beltane and Samhain, we experience a thinning veil between our world and the other side. I remember the first couple of years that I started formally working with my gifts I was literally getting bombarded during this time. Now I come to enjoy them as it makes my job a little easier as I get messages from the other side easier. Of course I always get some rather interesting things that happen as well...

So what's going on? The veil is thinning. For those of us that are highly intuitive, energies are heightened, and we will pick up on them in a variety of ways including sights, scents, sounds, emotions, dependent upon your strengths with your gifts. If you are not shielded properly this can be a very tough time for you so during this time I encourage you to watch your shields. Make sure you are using them faithfully and take time out to ground and reapply them as often as you need to.

For many of you don't be surprised if you actually need to ground several times a day right now. It's not uncommon at all and if you do so you may find it helps you a lot. Drink lots and lots and lots of water. I can't emphasize enough how much water helps. Take long walks outside as your connection with Mother Earth will help you to ground. Get lots of rest. I was in bed super early last night, as I needed it.

Now let's get to the fun part of it! LOL You can walk around and see what different energies that you can pick up on. Take a walk through an old cemetery or a historical sight and see what energies you can pick up. Watch an episode of Ghost Hunters and try your hand predicting what they might find on tv. Yes, you can use your gifts from a distance and even on tv lol :)))) It's a great time to practice working with your gifts as they will be heightened. It can be an amazing time of year if you take care of yourself. If you don't you can wind up really sick from it, so take care of you! :))))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Time is Near..... Your Journey Awaits...

Samhain Tarot Journey

Book Your Samhain Tarot Journey Now
Merry Meet  :))))) Samhain is quickly approaching! :)))   I think there has been a lot of confusion with the Samhain readings this year and I've been having lots of questions so I wanted to clarify. :)))) The Samhain Full Moon reading was the special Full Moon reading that corresponded to Samhain.  I will be releasing a special New Moon/Witch's New Year Reading towards the end of this week. :))))

This Samhain Journey reading is the reading that is the most popular one each year.  It is a personal journey with the Tarot cards that is really one of my favorite readings to do. :))))

On your journey you will meet a ghost from your past, cleanse something from your life in a bonfire, meet one of your guides, receive a bag of treats on a gypsy caravan, meet a witch to teach you a bit of magick and so much more.  I've combined the tarot with a meditative journey in a reading that you don't want to miss! :)))))

I am currently booking for delivery next week so if you want to get one done you definitely want to get your name in quickly.

From your journey.....

....As the misty energy begins to clear a beautiful black cat comes up and rubs against your leg.  This is no ordinary cat, this is a feline familiar that will walk with you on your path until Samhain night when she will return to the other side.  As you reach down to pet her you notice a tiny scroll attached to the beautiful collar that is glowing around her neck.  She purrs loudly and you know that you are meant to read this scroll….

Join me!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Merry Meet :))) How many of you love reading ghost stories around this time of year? I enjoy them year round honestly, but this time of year I especially love curling up with a hot cup of tea and a good old fashioned ghost story.  I especially love ones that have to do with history based in New England. :)))) Oh! I love ones based on people's accounts as well. You're probably laughing now, can't imagine why those would be my favorite huh? :))) They always have lol.  I have always been the one who couldn't get enough accounts of paranormal activity year round since I was little. :))))

The past few years Samhain snuck up on me so quickly I actually missed getting to read some good ghost stories right before it! So I thought it would be kind of neat to extend this little challenge to all of you today :)) Go out there and find yourself the perfect ghost story to read. :))) Find one that will get you in the mood for Samhain :)))) Figure out what type is your favorite and then choose one that will be a special treat for you. :))) Yes, go out and treat yourself to something for you :)))))

My choice for this year is the House of Seven Gables.

With my love of Salem and this house I'm not sure how I haven't read this book! My favorite place in Salem is a stone's throw from this house, the Derby Wharf. :)))) If you are interested in reading this as well I grabbed a copy for my kindle on amazon for free. :)))

Have fun with it!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Monday, October 17, 2016

Paranormal Energy

Paranormal Energy

Ok so first and foremost I'm going to tell you that this picture has absolutely zero to do with what I'm going to talk about. I just love it and wanted to show it to you! :))))

We've been talking a lot about energy work over the past few weeks, it's one of my passions as part of my witchy path has been to work on mastering it and every time I learn something new I just love it. :)))

Most of you working with me are either empaths and have intuitive gifts so you will find that you are adept at working with energy. So I have a kind of neat exercise for you to work with that goes along pretty well with our countdown. :))))

How many of you love ghost hunting shows like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, I'm quite sure there's more out there I'm just not sure all of the names. :))) You don't have to agree with everything going on in them just the ghost hunting portion of it. For as long as I can remember I have been involved in psychic/paranormal energy work. The stories I could tell you! :))) However one of my favorite activities is sensing the energy of a place. Did you know that you can do it via distance as well? I can watch an episode of Ghost Hunters and I would say sense things with about 90% accuracy. Sometimes I just get nothing lol :)) It happens. I use to write down my initial feelings of things and then compare them against their findings. Something for you to try out. :)))))

I've also done some work with this involving Unsolved Mysteries. I was actually interested in working with the police for awhile but I'm not sure if I can handle the energy? I had issues with it when I was younger but it definitely interests me. :)))) Something else for you to look at if you are feeling adventurous and wanting to experiment with psychic gifts.

Just make sure that you realize that the veil is thinner right now so your gifts will be heightened. Do it for short periods of time, no more than a half hour. Don't go doing any marathons ;) Make sure you ground and center when you are done always. You don't want to carry any residual energy to give you funky dreams at night. :))) Have fun with it!

I always love watching ghost stories around Halloween. Well all year lol :))) Especially this time of year. :))))

Have fun!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Samhain Oil

Samhain Oil

Merry Meet :))) Today I wanted to give you a recipe for Samhain oil. :)) It's amazing to use for anointing objects you will use in your rituals, you can also use small amounts of it to help you with your psycic connections this month. I also love the smell of it so you can add a few drops to some water in a burner and use it as aromatherapy as well. :)))

Choose a carrier oil of your choice, olive oil works well, or pecan oil will contribute to the scent a bit. :)) You want to put the essential oils in a carrier oil to help dilute them down and make them so they are safe to use on yourself. Concentrated essential oils can often cause irritation.

If you are planning on using this on yourself it's helpful to use medicinal grades of essential oils whenever possible.

- 4 ounces carrier oil
- 16 drops patchouli essential oil.
- 8 drops lavender
- 4 drops musk
- you may add sandalwood or jasmeine if you wish.

This is a general guideline, you may mix the essential oils how you wish until you get the aroma that you enjoy. :))))

Leave the mix out on the Samhain Full Moon to charge overnight in a clear container that has been cleansed.

The next day put it in a tinted bottle to preserve the energy.

I wanted to get this to you a few days early so you can get all the ingredients that you need. :)))) Enjoy!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cinderella Pumpkin

Cinderella Pumpkin

Merry Meet :))) Today's idea for the Samhain Countdown comes from Cindy in Oklahoma :)))) I love it! This is taking a Cinderella pumpkin to a whole new level. :))) It was originally published by Hallmark Magazine several years ago.
What You'll Need:
1- 12" tall pumpkin
4- 4" tall gourds
4- ornate drawer pulls
3- ornate metal belt buckles or mini picture frames
1- ornate lamp finial
2- 1/4" dowel rods (cut to the approx. diameter of your pumpkin)
Pencil or marker
Craft glue
Heavy-gauge florist's wire
Cordless drill fitted with 1/4" bit
1. Trace the inside of each belt buckle onto the pumpkin and cut to create openings for two windows and a door.
2. Glue the hardware over the openings.
3. Remove or cut down the stem until it's even with the flesh of the pumpkin, and twist the finial into the top.
4. Drill a hole through the center of each gourd.
5. Insert one dowel rod into the holes of two gourds to create an axle, and secure with glue. Repeat to create a second set of wheels.
6. Finish off all four wheels by inserting a drawer pull into the outside hole of each gourd for hubcaps.
7. Line up the two sets of wheels next to each other at about the same width as your pumpkin. Then wrap wire from one dowel rod to the other to fasten the axles together and to create a webbing for the pumpkin carriage to sit on.
8. Gently place your carriage on the wire.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Samhain Readings Open!

Merry Meet :)))) I hope this message finds all of you doing well. :)))) Things are super busy over here but I wanted to touch base with all of you today. :))))

I have opened the Samhain Readings officially today. :)) There are two readings for you this year, the Samhain Full Moon reading and the Samhain Readings.  I put options on both readings so if you would like to combine them you can. :)))) This is honestly my busiest month of the year with the exception of Yule time so if you are interested in these readings I definitely recommend that you book early! :))) Last year I actually had to close them down. You will see details on both of the readings below :)))))

I hope everyone is enjoying the Samhain countdown on Daily Magick! :))) I am having a lot of fun writing it for you. :))) I have a calendar with my quotes that should hopefully be coming out soon for you and I still have some gemstones for you that I am hoping to get posted as well. :)))) I am super excited for Samhain. I love this whole month.  We are getting more Samhain decorations up by the day.  This weekend I'm hoping to get out to Gloucester to the ocean for the day before it gets too cold to do so.

I hope you all have an amazingly wonderful weekend. :)))))

Much Love and Many Blessings to all of you :))))

Jasmeine Moonsong
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The Black Cat - Something that will cross your path in the near future (good or bad)

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The Bag of Treats - What opportunities or strengths do you have right now?

The Witch - How can you best use your own magick?

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

By Working With The Energy Of The Past You Can Tap Into The Energy Of The Past

Original Artwork by Ciseren

By Working With The Energy Of The Past
You Can Tap Into The Energy Of The Past

Merry Meet. :)) Today I want to introduce a concept to you that I'm not sure if I've worked with you on before. I was taught it a few years ago and I thought it was really amazing. :))) Everything in the world consists of energy. This we've gone over a lot :))) That energy is in absolutely everything that surrounds us and everything that we do.

So it would stand to reason then that if you are tapping into an Oak Tree that is well over 100 years old, or even a white one that can get up to be around 300, that Oak Tree will not only have the energy footprint of itself, but it will also contain a bit of energy from you and anyone else who has spent time with that tree. There is an Oak Tree near my house that I visit when I can that I'm quite sure will hold my imprint for some time. :))))

So let's take this one step further. Activities have energy as well. So take something like spinning. When I spin I have the potential to tap into the energy of other people who have done spinning in their lifetime. Neat huh? Ok ready to take it further?

When you use motions in your spells such as a manifestation triangle, you add your energy to that action and if you are working with the energy of it directly you have the potential to pick up and tap into the energy of others who have used this motion as well. :)))) That's the simplest explanation. :)))

So during this month a huge focus is on our ancestors and honoring them. Find things that you can do that are similar to what your ancestors would have done. Things like spinning, making home made bread, any activity that you can think of that they use to love tap into that by investing some time in it yourself. :))) It will help you to mingle your energy with theirs even if they are on the other side. :)))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Magickal Black Cat

The Magickal Black Cat

Merry Meet. :)) How many of you love kitties? I am the proud owner of 5 furbabies that chose to live with me. :))) One of them is a gorgeous black kitty named, what else? Luna! :)))

Isn't she gorgeous? I always call her my magickal kitty. :)))) Most of you have probably heard this but it's an issue near and dear to my heart so I wanted to talk about it a bit today.

This is an especially tough time of year for black kitties. I am grateful that the local shelter in my area will actually not adopt out black cats throughout the month of October. You may want to check with yours and see if they have this practice in place already and if not, if they would consider putting it in place. This is not to say everyone who adopts a black cat during the month of October is doing it for the wrong reasons. It helps to protect them from some people who may not have their best interests at heart.

So what happened? How did these beauties get such a bad rap. Unfortunately in the United States we can trace it back to the Pilgrims in early Plymouth. They really were against anything that they thought had to do with witchcraft or wizardry and they believed black cats were involved with witches. Black cats have had the reputation of being witches familiars as far back as the Middle Ages and the Puritans brought that belief with them to the United States. Part of the reason for it may have been that they are largely nocturnal and when they roam at night all that can be seen are their eyes. This association is why you see witches and black cats linked together so much this time of year.

Depending on your place in the world is what the current beliefs are about these beauties. In some areas they are considered good luck. :)) I know I adore having Luna live with me. :)))) Black kitties have a harder time getting adopted out of most shelters still. If you are considering taking on a kitty, consider a black one. :))) You may find that you are saving a kitty if you provide her with a home. :)))

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Historical Ghost Tour

Historic Ghost Tour
Merry Meet :))

My town recently began something that I think is just wonderful and I wanted to pass it along to all of you, Ghost Tours. :))) This isn't your typical fright fest event, it's an event that's educational and raises money to restore the oldest cemetery in our town.

In the center of my town is the Old Burying Ground.  My first visit to it was when I was little with my Girl Scout trip and that trip really spurred my love of old cemeteries and their historical value.  The Old Burying Ground in my town was established in the early 1600's and there's still 1100 graves intact on the grounds.  You can go into it any time you like but you must get the key to the old iron gates from the library.   They've done this to help prevent vandalism on the grounds as some of the graves are incredibly old.

Our public library teamed up with our historical society for this event along with a bunch of volunteers.  What they do is have several people dress up as the people who are buried within the cemetery.  They stand in front of their graves as the tour progresses and tell us the story of who is buried there and what their life was like.   They really do an amazing job and I make it a point each year to go.   The proceeds from the event go to maintain the cemetery and it's old gravestones.

As someone who loves visiting graveyards to view the old stones and the art on them I have lost track of how many I have found that are just in shambles.  The event that we do in this town is sold out each year and generates a lot of revenue through ticket sales and donations as well as helps to recruit people to donate their time to help with the stones.  Check on your cemetery in your town and see what shape it's in.  It may be something you want to suggest for your town. :))) It's important to preserve our history. :))

Have an amazingly magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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Daily Message - October 6, 2016

original artwork by: Adoreluna

"Celebrate and pass on the journeys of those who have walked before us,
find a way to immerse yourself in the stories of their lives
for there you may find an ancient energy to assist you on your path today.

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Daily Message - October 4, 2016

original artwork by: Estelle

"Allow the winds of change that come from within,
surround you entirely and clear the way to higher consciousness."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Daily Message - October 3, 2016

original artwork by: Emerald Depths

"You are stronger than you will ever know,
always take that first step towards your desires,
knowing that your strength will come, 
as your true self and your guides
lift you along your way."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Spinning Wheels

The Spinning Wheels
Merry Meet :))))  Perhaps it's because I'm a complete New England girl that my love of anything early New England goes back to my childhood and continues strong in me today.  I remember going on a school trip to the early colonial village in our area in the 4th grade for the day and never wanting to leave.  I loved absolutely everything about it.  My favorite two places though were the blacksmith shop and the old fashioned kitchens.  The sights, the smells, I just can't get enough of them. :))))

As I grew older in life I've started seeking some of the things out that I would find in those places.  I have a ton of cast iron pots and skillets including a couple of special cast iron pots or "cauldrons." :))) Have you ever noticed how witchy an old New England kitchen feels? :)))) Fresh veggies, soups cooking in the pots over the fire, fresh made breads, herbs hanging everywhere. :))) Maybe it's because I'm a New England witch. :))))

One of the things that I often find in those homes that I've always adored but anytime I find them has been out of my price range are the spinning wheels. :))) i love them! I've always wanted to learn to use them as well. :)))) I would fit right in on a farm huh? lol :)))  My lack of being able to obtain one has never stopped me from admiring them every time I come across one. :)))

So this weekend we were suppose to go to the Big E but it was as if fate didn't want us there.  It was busy like I have never seen it before in all my years of attending this fair.   So we decided to go to some tag sales.  One estate sale in particular wound up being an amazing diversion for me. :))))

We originally at the estate sale on  Friday and the lady who had lived there had clearly been into crafting.  She had ribbons from the Big E for placing first in several competitions with quilt and rug making among them.  Her garage had been converted to the biggest and most amazing quilt shop I had ever seen.  While most estate sales can sometimes have lingering energy that bothered me I felt immediately at home in this one.  She was clearly a lover of antiques and cats and I was marveling at pretty much everything that she had.

One thing that all but had me falling over was the amount of spinning wheels that she owned.  They were gorgeous!!!! There were two in particular that caught my attention.  One was in an upstairs bedroom and it was just gorgeous. That one had the foot pedal and was quite fancy for it's time I believe. :))))) The second one was downstairs in the shop and was rustic but just beautiful.  The prices on them were too high for me at the time so I walked away from them.  I have to tell you that they were priced much lower than most of the ones I've seen, I just couldn't justify the amount they were at the time as September is always a bit of a crazy month for me financially.

Fast forward to Sunday when we were unable to go to the Big E because of the crowds.  I was a bit down I'll confess lol :)))) Earl said he was going to take me to some tag sales and he brought me back to the Estate Sale.  I recognized it right away.  I wasn't sure if they would still even be there at that point.  I walked upstairs and it was still there. :))))) I decided to throw an offer of $60.00 for it something that I thought was ridiculously low for what it was honestly and she agreed.  I was in complete shock as she said "It's yours."

It's all wooden.  There's very little metal on it and the craftsmanship is beyond amazing.  Here's a closeup of the wheel.

I was stunned to say the least when we were taking this out of the house and loading it into the car.  Absolutely incredible. :))))))  

A few hours later we came home and I had just started settling in when out of the blue I just told Earl to go back and offer $20 on the one in the garage.  It was a rustic one and he knew which one I was talking about right away.  I don't think there was any hesitation he was out the door lol :))))

Here it is lol :)))) She took $20.00   Can you believe it?   I'm over the Moon with happiness.  I love them both and they are so unique. :))) This one is definitely the more rustic of the two.  It was put together with square nails. :)))

If any of you have information on date or manufacturer of either of these I would love to know your thoughts! :))))) I think the first one dates around 1850 - 1880 based on what I'm seeing but I'm not positive.  This one I'm guessing late 1800's to early 1900's. :)))

Have a magickal day!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Daily Message - October 2, 2016

original artwork by: Sylar113

“Be the light that shines and inspires others."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Saturday, October 1, 2016

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